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Meir hair, as professional company in wholesale eyelash and wholesale mink lashes and packaging, we have various mink lashes products, such as 25mm lashes mink, 5d 25mm mink lashes. The mink lash extensions are the most far and wide lash types in the lash business today, mink lash' alludes to eyelash extensions made with a manufactured material called PBT. This material is a plastic substance that has brilliant shape memory, doesn't twist for quite a while subsequent to handling, and has phenomenal warmth and synthetic opposition.


In the mainstrem of mink lash products, there are many 25mm mink lash vendors wholesale or 25mm mink lash vendors in market, As the soaring development of lash styles, Choose a kind of mink lash that suits yourself is can't too be important ! However, Meir hair, we have own mink lash extensions and be the 25mm mink lash vendors wholesale, we believe our products would meet your daily demands.


when it comes to mink lash extensions, its materials can not be missed.  The mink lash refers to eyelash extensions made with a synthetic material called PBT(chemical name:Polybutylene terephthalate). PBT is utilized in eyelash extensions as well as in some normal family things like toothbrushes! Mink lashes have a round shape though level lashes have a compliment, reversed oval shape. This level shape permits the lash extensions to truly find a place with regular lashes, which takes into consideration longer maintenance than mink lashes. Mink lashes have been cherished for all intents and purposes the whole history of eyelash extensions. Why? Since they are unimaginably adaptable to utilize. Here are the absolute most mainstream sorts of mink lash extensions and the manners in which you can utilize them:


Exemplary mink lash extensions

25mm mink lashes are an incredible decision for a spotless and exquisite exemplary lash set. Since mink lashes have the broadest assortment of twists, thicknesses, and lengths, they can give your clients a different determination of looks from Volume lash extensions Mink lashes are extraordinary to use for making a show-halting volume lash set. Their round base makes it simple to squirm and carry out the lash fans.

Shading mink lashes

Make an unpretentious shading degree by blending shading mink lashes with dark lashes, or make an entrancing look by utilizing a full arrangement of all shading conceals.

Base lash extensions

Add profundity to the base lash line and make a more durable look with mink lash for base lash augmentation. the base lash expansion gives additional definition and length, and it can help open up your customer's eyes, causing their lash extensions to appear to be significantly more remarkable and emotional.

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