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Something You Should Know About U Tip Hair Extensions

U tip hair extensions use excessive best keratin glue to furnish the strongest attachment and the longest lasting effect. The keratin, when melted with a warmth connector, lets in to restore the keratin u tip hair extensions to your personal hair.Our product is made of pure remy human hair, more herbal and can be dyed ,curled or straightened simply like your personal hair.

100% pure Remy human hair, famous for its flexibility, longevity, and durability. Curl it or straighten it beneath 365 °F. Our u-tipped hair has a mild physique wave and will seem and experience notable on your herbal hair.

U-tip hair extensions use excessive great keratin to grant the strongest attachment and the longest lasting effect. The keratin, when melted with a Heat Connector, permits to restore the hair extensions to your very own hair.

Wholesale U Tip Hair Extensions are made of the Finest Remy Human Hair, for example, cinderalla extension u tip, or wavy u-tip hair extensions, they are both 100 human hair extensions u tip. Real Human Hair handpicked and gathered by using our staff.

It is a expert product and due to the fact of the hardness of the keratin, utility must solely be carried out through professionals.

If you are no longer certain color, we will be right here and assist you pick out a appropriate color. Meir Hair is Committed to Create a Better Experience for You.


Something You Should Know About Us

Meir Hair is the branch of Guangzhou Ruiju Hair Facotry. Ltd that has more than 15 years of experience in production of Brazilian hair products including u tip hair extensions. We are one of the best wholesale hair extensions manufacturers/suppliers, we have our own wholesale products producing factory to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products.

Meir Hair is our personal brand, we have our personal manufacture.

Bringing Beauty and Elegance to You is the Pursuit of Our Whole Life.

Meir hair made through human hair to current the most herbal look.

We Do Everything by using Ourselves from Quality Inspection to Packaging, Just for Bringing You the Best Product and Services.

Meir Hair is a expert hair product vendor with prosperous experiences of over sixteen years in hair product manufacturing. We have expert groups from manufacture, photography, packing and logistics.Through the years Meir Hair has been maintaining updating our merchandise to capture up with customer's style and enhance our quality.Your delight is our largest principle.


Why should you choose U Tip Hair Extensions

Made of a hundred percent remy human hair,more herbal and blends in nicely with your very own hair.

Recyclable, can be dyed, curled or straightened. (only mild shade can be dyed darker).

All hair cuticles are stored in the equal route (the key to keep away from tangle and mess).

Pre-bonded with U-shape tip, every strand can naturally connect to your personal hair whilst preserving free motion in contrast to piece-shaped extensions.

The hints are made of pinnacle best keratin, a herbal protein, which offers long-term attachment and minimizes damage to your hair.

All pics are taken through ourselves, however thinking about mild and special monitor, the specific shade may be barely special from the photograph showed.

Durable: Keratin extension is designed for long-term attachment (up to 3-6 months relying on utilization and care).

Undetectable: The u-tip attachments being extraordinary thin, they are really undetectable and additionally comfy that you do not even sense them.

Removable: A unique solvent approves you to get rid of the keratin extensions easily.

Pre-bonded: Each strand having been created individually, instead than being bought as unfastened hair. Completely soften the keratin with the hair extension iron so the keratin penetrates the client’s hair, which makes for a lengthy lasting bond. Wholesale U Tip hair extensions are the most famous extensions for all hair kinds due to the fact the attachment spot is very small can be personalized via reducing the hair extension to make 2-3 smaller, micro bonds for use with pleasant hair.


More Information About U Tip Hair Extensions

What Are u-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre-bonded Hair Extensions?

When thinking about what kind of hair extensions you are going to have fitted, one hurdle that many discover they come up with is all of the industry terminologies that can be really complicated and make looking for the proper hair extension approach a challenging process.

Here we shall take a look at the terms u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extensions to help understand in greater detail what this means, to make selecting your hair extensions a lot simpler task.

What do u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extension actually mean?

U tip/Nail tip/pre-bonded hair extension is a kind of hair extension that is applied to the hair by heating the keratin tip in which is found at the end of the extension, to connect it to your natural hair.  Using keratin as a structure of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular approach to fitting.

Are u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extensions unique things?

The terms u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extension are frequently used to describe the identical thing, which can frequently be pretty confusing. In regards to the term u tip and nail tip, this does in fact refer to the identical thing, and it’s just a way of describing the structure of the keratin at the end of each strand. The keratin is shaped in a “u” or “nail” kind shape to make it quick and convenient to melt against the hair to form a tightly sealed bond.  This kind of fitting can now and then also be referred to as “flat tip” or “v tip”, which once more is the identical kind of fitting, but as the names suggest is really a specially shaped tip. The only exception to this rule from the terminology listed above is “pre-bonded”.

What does pre-bonded mean?

The term pre-bonded is frequently used to describe a nail/u tip kind fitting and is closely related to this structure of hair extension. What can lead to confusion however is that the term pre-bonded actually refers to each strand having been created individually, rather than being sold as loose hair, and the terminology term pre-bonded not only used to describe u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extensions but also used in stick tip hair extensions and nano tip hair extensions, as these are also “pre-bonded” instead of being sold as loose hair.  It is for this reason that if a customer asks you for “pre-bonded” hair extensions, you should make certain you make clear the precise kind of hair extensions your customer is referring to, as even though 90% of the time you will discover your customer is referring to u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extensions, on the abnormal occasion they can also actually be describing another method.

Why is the term “pre-bonded” often used to describe u tip/nail tip/pre-bonded hair extensions?

The reason for this is quite simple.  As keratin-based hair extensions are one of the oldest techniques of hair extension application, it was once the first to have a redesign and have a pre-bonded tip instead of being sold as loose hair with a glue gun, therefore it has actually been around longer and has a greater association with the term “pre-bonded”. Secondary strategies such as stick tip and nanotip were created some years later to create a no heat application method.

How are u tip/nail tip hair extensions fitted?

U tip/nail tip hair extensions are fitted using a heat connector to melt the keratin tip against small sections of natural hair. The melted keratin is then rolled around the natural hair tightly so that it forms a completely sealed bond. Keratin heats and cools very quickly, allowing for convenient application.

To fit a set of u tip/nail tip hair extensions you will require:

U tip/nail tip hair extensions


Sectioning clips

Scalp protector

Finger guards

Extension lead

Do you need to be certified to fit u tip/nail tip hair extensions?

To fit any form of hair extension you have to be professionally educated to make certain the bonds are fitted successfully and safely.  Attempting to fit hair extensions without the applicable skills could lead to a wrong fitting which might also cause damage to a client’s hair.

How are u tip/nail tip hair extensions removed?

Depending on the kind of keratin used, the bond will need to be broken down so that it can safely be removed from the client's hair.  When using Italian keratin you will require an alcohol-based solution, and when using Chinese keratin you will require an acetone-based solution.  Simply Hair pre-bonded hair extensions use sturdy and secure Italian keratin, and will consequently require an alcohol-based solution which can be purchase on our website.

Are u tip/nail tip hair extensions comfortable?

When fitted correctly. U tip/nail tip ought to be very cozy to wear.  As with all hair extension methods, a settling period is normally required for the first few days whilst your scalp adjusts to the hair extensions, which can result in tenderness and mild itching, however, this ought to subside within a day or so, and is only possible to affect those with a touchy scalp.  To discover out more about why hair extensions might itch for the first few days or be uncomfortable, please see the link.

Will you be able to see these extensions?

As long as you have had your hair extensions fitted by an educated professional, once fitted you should not be able to see the bonds at all.  Hair extensions ought to be positioned just far enough away from the natural hairline to allow you to cover the bonds with your natural hair, allowing you to tie your hair back as you usually would without the danger of the bonds being seen. If hair extensions are fitted too close to the hairline they may turn out to be visible, which is why it is vital to have your hair extensions fitted by an educated professional to make certain this is performed correctly.

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