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Why Choose Wholesale Headband Wigs?

No Glue, No Gel, Protect your hair edges well

Headband wigs / wholesale wigs with headbands are the kind of Wholesale wigs that have no lace. You don’t need to spend time on cutting lace at all, and you don’t need to apply glue on your scalp. This can prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your skin.

Convenient and Fast

The headband wig wholesale/ wholesale headband human hair wigs is very convenient. You don't need to spend time on wearing the wig. You can put it on your head directly, use any headband to fix your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you only need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will takes 1-2 hours. Also, headband Wigs are Great Hairstyles for Beginner.

Light and Breathable

Human hair headband wigs wholesale are very light, they are not as heavy as other wholesale wigs for salewholesale wigs, but they can also cover the entire scalp. Wearing wholesale African American headband wigsheadband wigs will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is very suitable for hot weather.

Fashion and Casual

Wig headband make people fashionable and atmospheric.The highlight of the wig is on the headband,you can buy headband in multiple colors and patterns and choose your favorite headband to match your mood or the color of the clothes.


What is Wholesale Headband Wig?

The headband wig is made by sewing human hair on a soft hat. The back of the hat has a clip and an adjustable strap for fixing the hair. The comfortable wig grip headband can fit your head more perfectly. Headband Wigs are Great Hairstyles for Beginner, is a convenient and fashionable new hair product. It has been very popular in recent years. We can see many female stars also use this headband wig on TV, which fully shows that it has enough advantages.

Like its name, a wholesale wigs USAhuman hair headband wig wholesale / wholesale headband human hair wigs is a combination of headwear and a wig. It is a stylish human hair wig that is very popular this year. This type of wig will not have the embarrassment of showing the hairline and does not need other wigs. This sort of glue is fixed, very light, can highlight the temperament, very appropriate for everyday wear, you can change the hairband to suit the wig according to your needs.

Why Need Wholesale Headband Wigs Human HairWholesale Black Headbands Wigs, Speaking of wholesale headband hair wig, I have to point out their advantages

A. Very Easy To Wear

When you go out in the morning, it can save you a lot of time and save your hair care time. Wear it directly on your head without glue. It has an adjustable belt at the back and four combs sewn inside, so there is no need to use glue.

B. The Shape Is Very Changeable

Because its headband can be replaced, it means you can alternate the headband according to your clothes, so your collocation will become very diversified.

C. Protect Your Hair

That's right! These hair extensions, particularly wigs, can defend the hair. Headband Wigs can shield your natural hair from sun, dust, wind, and pollutants. Protect your hair from those chemical glues.

D. To Take Part in a Ceremony

Many African immigrants, inspired by their native culture, wear a tribal head scarf for weddings or other ceremonial events.

E. Cheap

Wholesale lace headbands wigs are always cheaper than regular wigs because some of their materials are replaced by headbands, so if the budget is insufficient, headband addition is also a proper choice, it will definitely not go wrong.




Meir Hair Wholesale Headband Wigs

Meir Hair manufactures one of the finest Wholesale headband wigs that have enough advantages and reasons for you to choose, even we're not one of the wig wholesalers in USA/ wig wholesale suppliers in USA/ wig manufacturers in USA/ wig manufacturers USA. We produce wholesale wigs for sale, include curly wig with headband, short headband wigs, headband wig with bangs and best wholesale headband wigs short human hair for african american and the customers from all over the world. Send the inquiry to get the cost-effective African American headband wigs wholesale now!


More Information About Headband Wigs

Wholesale Headband Wigs and Why You Need One

What are Wholesale Headband wigs?

Wholesale Headband wigs are a mixture of wigs and headbands connected in front, with the hair sewn on a soft wig cap. They are also known as no lace wigs or half-wigs due to the fact they begin nearly midway from your forehead while your real hair remains in the front.

Wholesale Headband wigs come with adjustable straps at the back of the cap, elastic fabric that allows the cap to suit any head size, and tiny clips inside the cap to hold onto your hair.



Convenient and Easy to Install

This wig is nicknamed 'No lace wig' due to the fact it eliminates the complicated steps like plucking, gluing, bleaching, and set up related to wholesale HD lace wigs. It is a handy beginner wig in which you can slip on and stylish without any help. Wholesale Headband wigs also guard your hairline against harm due to the fact there is no glue, no sew-in, or defense of any dangerous hair product.

Different patterns and Colors

Wholesale headband wigs come in unique patterns and colors, saving you the stress of bleaching the wig to go well with your factor and hair color. You can also decide on any other hairstyle you prefer in unique textures and lengths.

Realistic Hairlines

You can put on your wholesale headband wigs to hide your hairline or expose it according to what you want. You can place it a bit backward to show your natural hairline and well-styled edges. You can also pull it all the way forward to cover your hairline. The alternative is ideal for those who suffer from hair loss or have scanty edges.

Fashionable and stylish

This no-lace wig is not only handy to wear; it also allows you to test with numerous patterns of headbands and scarves in the front of the wig.

Although it comes with special headbands to locate atop the black band, you can also purchase numerous colors and patterns of wholesale headband wigs, which include Wholesale African-American headbands to fashion your wig. Your Headband can change from one day to another, and as plenty, as you want.

Light and Easy

A Wholesale Headband wig is an Easy beginner wig that is light-weight to carry, handy to style, install, and manage. You can take off the Headband at the cease of the day and restore it in just a few minutes until the next day.

Wholesale human hair headband wigs feel as light-weight as natural hair and are also breathable and appropriate for all seasons.

Less Expensive than the other types of  wigs

Wholesale headband wig is much less expensive than wholesale lace frontal wig and the other wig types. Wholesale headband wigs are machine-made, so it is much more affordable. Also, when you buy a no lace wig, you store the price of shopping for a hairstylist for wig installation and removal as you can set up and put off the wig through yourself.



Wholesale headband wigs are the most ideal wigs to set up due to the fact you do not want to go to a hairstylist. It is a convenient beginner wig that you can put on in a few minutes with no help. Here are DIY hair extension setup suggestions for wholesale headband wigs.

A. Brush out any knots or tangles on the Headband wig with a comb or brush. Use a wide-tooth comb for wholesale curly headband wigs, or smaller combs for thinner wigs.

B. Prepare your real hair. Weave it into cornrows, put on a wig cap, or pack it at the back. Make it as flat as possible. If you choose to style your front hair, carry out all of the real hair that you plan to fashion and push it out in front of your ears.

C. Place the wholesale wig over the lower back of your head, fasten the clips that come with your wholesale wig in the lower back again and the front too and secure them tightly. Adjust the position till you feel comfortable.

D. Use a clip to pack the hair up, adjust and clip the band on the back to suit your head, and then drop the hair.

E. You can shape the hair into a ponytail, a messy bun, or use a flat iron to stretch your straight hair. Place any colorful headband of your preference over the black Headband or even go about with the original Headband. There is no restriction to the styling alternatives for this wig.


If you love your wigs beautiful, stylish, and easy, then wholesale Headband wigs need to pinnacle your purchasing list. You can never go wrong with such a beautiful, in-expensive, beginner-friendly wig that is going to be the rave for a long time.


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