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Indian Hair

Looking for the Raw Indian hair supplier,Meir Hair is one of the best indian hair vendors, all our hair are the 100% human hair raw unprocessed indian temple hair wholesale.We offers more than 10 textures of indian hair, including indian curly hair, indian wave hair, indian straight and so on. Contact our WhatsApp or send the inquiry right now to get the high quality wholesale price indian hair!

What Is Indian Hair?


Something you need to know about indian hair:


Indian hair has a certain history, it is the earliest human hair used in lace wigs and hair extensions. It appears beautiful wave from straight to curly hair. Meir Hair wholesale raw Indian hair is very light, breathable, thick, elastic, and can be curled and shaped easily. Indian vendors hair care can last for a long time, and it will be slightly loose and will never fall off unless put it in a humid environment. It can also blend perfectly with most hair textures. For girls who are just starting to use wigs, indian hair is the most suitable. It is not only easy to handle and do a hairstyle. And most importantly, the price is cheap than other hair. Meir hair offers the cheapest raw unprocessed indian temple hair wholesale price with good quality, send us the inquiry or add the WhatsApp if any interested.(select to read more)


Why Choose Indian Hair?


Virgin indian hair wigs. It is not only thick and shiny but also easy to shape, so you can do any indian hair styles you want, such as raw indian curly hair, long indian vendors hair cut, thick indian hair ponytail and indian long hair, which looks natural and beautiful.


Raw Indian hair wholesale hair is light and breathable. Although Indian vendors hair covers your natural hair, you will not feel uncomfortable. the thick wholesale indian hair products can fit your natural hair better. You don’t have to worry about the sweat of wearing indian hair bundles wholesale in summer. Don’t worry about the health of your natural hair.


Indian hair is durable and has extra flexibility. Original Virgin ture Indian hair can be colored, trimmed, ironed and curled. According to the nursing situation, it lasts from 6 months to 1 year. Not scattered or chaotic at all. Indian hair has a silky texture that blends perfectly with relaxed hair and is very popular among African American women.


Indian hair is not tangled and does not fall out easily. Good original balayage Indian hair comes from the same donor, and the cuticle direction is the same. You don't have to worry about hair loss or entanglement. This is one of the reasons why Indian vendors hair is popular.



FAQ About Indian Hair




A:Yes. Raw virgin indian hair can be dyed up to 613 and any color you like.


Many customers get the indian hair color from hair manufacturers in china like indian with blonde hair, indian afro curl bulk hair 99j, indian red hair and blonde indian hair . Cause Chinese factories have low manufacturing costs, fast delivery speeds, and high price advantages. Compared with the United States, Europe, and local factories in India, the Chinese wig factories is the most advantageous.


Q:Where Indian hair extensions come from?


A:Where virgin indian hair extensions wholesale come from? In India, donating indian women hair to temples is part of a religious ceremony. The Indian women who participated in this process believed that this was a sacrifice to the gods without any financial expectations. Then, the temple agency sold the collected raw indian temple hair to hair

manufacturers (including Chinese raw indian hair vendors), and the funds earned by the temple were used for temple activities and construction.


Q:What are the advantages of Chinese hair factory’s Indian hair?


A:Why do many Indian women prefer to sell their hair to best raw indian hair vendors in China? Because Chinese indian hair wholesale suppliers are willing to pay higher prices to buy Indian human hair wigs, and the technology of Chinese hair wholesale factories far exceeds that of Indian wholesalers, so in terms of hair treatment technology, the strength of Chinese hair factories far exceeds that of local Indian hair factory.

It is worth mentioning that with the cheap labor of Chinese factories, fast delivery and guaranteed after-sales service, you can receive low-price and high-quality Indian vendors hair within 3 to 5 days. And if you choose a local hair factory in India, the technology and the quality  cannot be guaranteed, because their technology is far inferior to the Chinese hair factory, and the price does not have a big advantage. Meir hair wholesale hair factory collects high-quality wigs from Brazil, Peru, India, Malaysia and other countries to meet the demand of our customers all over the world, so that customers have more choices, and the most important thing is that we provide the largest profit space for our cooperative customers to achieve win-win cooperation!