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What is Raw Indian Hair

Meir Hair is the branch of Guangzhou Ruiju Hair Factory(one of the best Indian hair vendors/ unprocessed indian hair suppliers) that has more than 15 years of experience in production of wholesale India hair products by using its Indian hair factory, including Indian human hair wigs, Indian hair extensions, 22 inch remy Indian hair extensions, etc. We are one of the best wholesale raw Indian hair manufacturers/ Indian hair suppliers/ Indian hair distributors/ good Indian hair vendors(a wholesale Indian hair company), we have our own wholesale products producing factory(one of the best brand of hair vendors in India/ virgin hair vendors in India/ virgin hair vendors in Indian/ Indian hair vendors in India) to manufacture raw/virgin India hair products to lots of customer oversea, for example, a Indian hair salon or a Indian hair shop or even one of the local raw hair vendors that doesn’t have the needed material for the raw virgin Indian hair wholesale.

Generally speaking, wholesale raw Indian hair bundles from Indian hair manufactures is lustrous and thick, making it extra bendy and long lasting than different hair. Its stunning texture and naturally dark-ish colour works nicely for hair weaving applications. Indian Hair can be styled to obtain any appear you prefer whilst the hair continues its herbal splendor and lasts for a very lengthy time. You deserve lengthy lasting lovely hair, it truly is why we take our time in choosing the greatest a hundred percent virgin remy Indian wavy hair! It’s also really important to chose the right raw Indian hair vendors/Indian hair manufacturers for raw Indian hair wholesale.



Why Choose Real India Hair

Why ought to I use “virgin Indian human hair” when splendor furnish keep hair is cheaper?

Wholesale virgin Indian hair is hair in its most herbal form. It appears herbal and behaves like your very own herbal hair. That is why it blends fantastically with your personal hair. Also, if you take care of this hair simply like your very own hair, it lasts for a very lengthy time, every so often even a 12 months or more. So, if carrying lengthy lasting, herbal searching hair is vital to you, you should attempt true fine virgin Indian temple hair from a professional supplier, a wholesale Indian hair suppliers, or the best raw Indian hair vendors.

Brazilian vs raw virgin Indian hair(Difference between Brazilian and Indian hair)

And compared with Indian hair, Brazilian hair is higher when dealing with humid stipulations for inflicting much less frizz. Brazilian hair constantly is the best-selling and pinnacle fantastic human hair kind in the market. Its benefits is that Brazilian hair is durable, thick, silk, easy and blends properly with many hair textures. On the other hand, Indian remy hair wet and wavy.

Virgin Indian hair is pricey after you unpack it from virgin Indian hair manufacturers/virgin Indian hair wholesalers. But in the lengthy run it is really worth the preliminary funding due to the fact it lasts longer than the splendor provide save hair and is a a great deal higher cost for your money.

Meir Hair, one of the india hair manufacturersraw virgin hair vendorsraw Indian hair suppliers provide keep hair, which is of “non-remy” great is noticeably cheaper. However, the hair does now not appear or behave like your very own herbal hair. In addition to this, the hair starts off evolved tangling, gathering and matting after a few washes. Generally, it can't be reused after the first set up and one desires to purchase clean packs of hair for each and every subsequent installation. So, if you use splendor grant keep hair, you will retailer some cash initially, however in the lengthy run you will give up up spending more. This is one vicinity the place you clearly get what you pay for.



FAQ about Indian Hair

I have in no way used “Virgin Indian Hair Bundles” before either the word “virgin Indian hair vendors/virgin Indian hair wholesale distributors/virgin Indian hair supplier/raw virgin hair vendors”. What ought to I comprehend earlier than I determine to use this sort of hair?

The first component you have to be aware of about virgin Indian hair wholesale is that it is completely unprocessed a hundred percent herbal hair. The hair you buy will have a herbal texture and color.

Texture of Indian hair from the Wholesale Indian hair distributors: From wholesale Indian hair distributors, The herbal texture of Indian hair could varies from barely wavy to deep curly(India body wave hair, Indian water wave hair, Indian loose wave hair, etc). Indian Deep curly hair is now not very plentiful and constantly quick in supply. Slightly wavy India hair(raw Indian wavy hair) to deep wavy Indian hair texture is most plentiful in herbal virgin Indian hair wholesale. If you are searching for bone straight hair or a very particular curl pattern, you might also no longer get precisely that variety of texture off-the-shelf. Typically virgin Indian hair is offered in three textures (a) Natural Straight Indian hair(which is really gently wavy) (b) Natural Wavy India hair(c) Curly Indian hair(the curl tightness may also range slightly). However, virgin Indian hair wholesale is so versatile that you can very rapidly flat iron your hair to get your glossy straight seem or curl it(using raw Indian curly hair) to your preferred style.

Color: Raw Indian temple hair(Meir Hair is one of the best raw Indian temple hair manufactures, or raw Indian temple hair vendors/Indian hair suppliers from China) comes in herbal hues of black and dark-ish brown and the whole thing in between. Virgin Indian hair is by no means offered with the aid of particular “color codes”. Since virgin Indian hair wholesale is in no way coloured and it is offered in its herbal state, there can also be mild variant in coloration between bundles. However, if this is the case do not get disappointed. This is virtually a exact thing. Your skilled hair stylist is aware of how to mixture two packs of hair with mild shade variation. And when it is blended properly, this simply offers you a greater herbal appear and higher depth of color, due to the fact in our very own head, hair naturally has a couple of hues of shade and is by no means of one flat color.

Hair Care: When it comes to virgin Indian hair, you have to care for your Indian hair extensions wholesale hair simply like your very own herbal hair. You want to brush your hair frequently. You want to shampoo and circumstance your hair regularly, specially if you use a lot of hair products. Deposits from the hair products, if no longer washed off on a everyday basis, can degrade the excellent of the hair (just like your very own hair) and blended with the use of warmness can have an effect on the easy herbal feeling and conduct of the virgin hair. If you preserve your virgin Indian hair extension properly and not just buy another one form the Indian hair distributors/wholesale Indian hair distributors, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle free lovely herbal searching hair for a very lengthy time and will be in a position the reuse the hair many instances after.



All about Indian Hair

India Raw Hair Vendor Distributor - Wholesale Raw Indian Hair Factory - Indian Temple Hair Suppliers Vendor

Best Quality Hair Extensions can be made only with wholesale virgin indian hair and wholesale unprocessed virgin brazilian hair mixed with professionally knowledgeable workers and appropriate infrastructure. We are the best Indian hair vendors/raw Indian hair wholesale distributor/virgin Indian hair wholesale supplier/raw Indian hair wholesale factory.

We provide raw virgin Indian hair wholesale/ unprocessed Indian hair wholesale/ Indian virgin Remy hair wholesale: Machine weft - Weave Hair, Bulk / Loose Hair wholesale, Lace Closures wholesale, Lace Frontals wholesale, Full Lace Wigs wholesale, 613 Blonde Hair extensions wholesale, Indian hair extensions wholesale, Indian hair bundles wholesale, etc.

The gathered Raw Indian Hair is then brought to our wholesale raw virgin hair factory where it undergoes various stages and comes out as Premium Quality Weave Hair Extensions equipped to be exported all over the globe.

It all starts off evolved with washing wholesale indian hair using ordinary shampoo and dried naturally in sunlight. The dried hair is then hackled to take away the quick hairs from the hair bundles. After Hackle, the wholesale hair bundles are weighed for one hundred grams per hair bundle which can be used to make braiding hair and lace closures, lace frontals, and lace wigs. The equal bundles are made into wefts which are used to sew in weave hair.

We will exhibit to you how we do manufacture our single donor hair extensions in a residence in our raw indian hair wholesale factory.

We are the virgin Indian hair wholesalers, wholesale virgin Indian hair manufacturers, virgin Indian hair wholesale distributors, virgin indian hair wholesale suppliers, best virgin Indian hair vendors of Indian human hair having our personal processing virgin Indian hair wholesale factory. We produce the most quality wholesale Indian virgin hair from pure virgin Raw india wholesale hair sourced from our south Indian temples. We can supply only virgin temple wholesale raw Indian hair which is naturally cut from the girls and manufactured as computing device weft hair extensions. So it shall now not be like Chinese hair thick backside there shall be a solely a little bit thin. Our wholesale hair from india is long-lasting and it can be reused for 2-3 years through acceptable maintenance. Our raw Indian temple hair wholesale has natural textures like straight/curly and wavy in all-natural colorings and bleached & dyed colored hair.

We take the trip more than one time every year to our manufacturing unit in Indian to make certain the exceptional Indian virgin Remy hair wholesale/ indian remy hair wholesale/ indian hair wholesale available. Raw Human Hair is sourced at once from the temples of India. Shop our classes under to locate the ideal coiffure the usage of our bundles of Indian hair, frontals, closures, HD Lace wigs, and more. We wholesale Indian hair distributors properly and are a licensed human hair seller and wholesale hair factory. Please go to the wholesale hyperlink from the menu tab to buy indian hair wholesale/ buy brazilian hair wholesale.

Unprocessed & chemical-free

Our one hundred percent indian human hair wholesale extensions are no longer chemically handled in any way. We take pride in our virgin temple hair and hope all our purchasers and members do so as well. We use a secure 3-day steam method to obtain intense textures when our customers request them. This protected steam manner doesn't injury the cuticles the way chemical compounds would. Unlike most massive groups we manage our steam technique and take time in styling our bundles. As any actual stylist knows, it is now not constantly about speed. Good matters take time.  

Tripleheader Wefting Technology

Our virgin hair wholesale india factory in India takes pride in revolutionary workspace surroundings in mixture with the perfect technology and training for our team of workers to supply flawless execution. We follow one of a kind element to make certain all cuticles are aligned, the stitching is tight and neat, the right quantity of sealer is applied, and utmost care is taken all through every step of the three head computing device weft process. Our machines mixed with our tremendous thread are engineered to make sure most tightness in our machine hair wefts while nonetheless permitting stylists to without difficulty omit a needle through.

Quality that lasts years

Our indian hair company wholesale hair is the most sought after human hair on the planet. "wholesale virgin brazilian hair", "wholesale Peruvian hair", and even "wholesale Cambodian hair," "styles" can no longer evaluate the sturdiness and versatility of pure unprocessed Brazilian hair wholesale. Our factory makes use of the present-day equipment and greatest handymen to craft every wig, frontal, lace closure, clip-on, tape-in, or any hair extension piece. Our human hair can be dyed and/or steamed while nevertheless preserving its tender sense and natural texture. We have the rarest hair extensions product on earth direct from South Indian temples. Do not pay for a wholesale indian hair distributors/ raw virgin indian hair manufacturers/ unprocessed indian hair suppliers/ best raw indian hair vendors, as a substitute name our raw virgin indian hair wholesale factory for free.


If you desire expert solutions for flawless hair, get Indian hair weave for you. We, from ‘Indian hair wholesale distributors/ raw virgin hair manufacturers/ unprocessed indian hair suppliers/ virgin indian hair vendors', we're not the wholesale hair distributors in indian/ human hair manufacturers in india/ virgin hair wholesale suppliers in india/ indian hair wholesalers in india/ wholesale indian hair vendors in india, but we try to handing over Indian hair weave of optimum quality to our customers.

Raw Virgin Indian hair wholesale weaves are excessive in demand these days and now not only we're human hair distributors in India/ virgin hair suppliers in india, however, these hair extensions have also lured the interest of people from all throughout the world. Contact us to get all sorts of Indian hair weave in appealing designs. Get high-rated Indian curly hair too, so that you ought to constantly continue to be relaxed with your style.

Also, we provide a large consideration to the production, manufacturing, and packaging of the Indian hair weave, so that we constantly supply you with impeccable hair extensions in outstanding condition. Contact ‘raw Indian hair vendors/ India hair vendors/ top Indian hair vendors/ Indian virgin hair vendors' to get all sorts of uncooked prices from Indian hair wholesale suppliers/ Indian hair suppliers/ raw Indian hair suppliers/ wholesale Indian hair suppliers. We are dedicated to pleasurable all your hair extension wants at a single destination. Therefore, we are 'virgin hair distributors in India/ hair manufacturers in India/ indian hair suppliers in India/ wholesale hair vendors in India'. We have our very own hair provide store.

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