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Meir Hair is the manufacturer of Guangzhou Ruiju E-commerce CO. Ltd that has greater than 15 years of trip in manufacturing of Brazilian hair merchandise together with flat tip hair extensions. We are one of the high-quality wholesale hair extensions manufacturers/suppliers, we have our very own wholesale merchandise producing manufacturing unit to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products.

Do you like I-tip extensions due to the fact of the no-heat/ no-glue application? Have you ever had troubles with beads no longer retaining and slipping to the floor? We have a new fashion hair extension that solves these problems.

In the previous I-tip extensions have been sluggish to put in and tended to slip until crimped perfectly. Removal used to be difficult due to the fact the ring every so often bent incorrect and wouldn’t come out. Sometimes the keratin tip grew to become smooth and tough to reuse.

Now comes a new system!

Meir Hair’s new “Flat Tip Hair Extensions” solves all of these problems.

The flat formed tip matches flawlessly in a micro-ring. (grooved micro-ring or XL silicone) And the flat i tip hair extensions holds onto the client’s hair securely for no slipping. Plus, the flat form is wider for higher cowl - no greater stringy searching extensions.

The software is very easy. Just one squeeze with the pliers is enough. No crimping required. And they are effortless to cross up. Because the micro-ring is now not crimped it can surely be reopened, slid up and reapplied. The tip is made of a long-lasting micro-mesh alternatively than keratin. Stays challenging for 2-3 reapplications.


Hot and trending in the world of hair extensions is a new kind of extension it really is a hybrid of the Tape-In and I-Link extensions (beaded extensions). Introduced by using Meir Hair, the flat tip nano hair extensions lies flat whilst nonetheless permitting 360-degree movement. And, the first-rate phase is they experience different!

They sense comfortable: flat tip human hair extensions are supremely comfortable, even to the factor the place customers overlook that they have been carrying hair extensions at all. This is due to the fact Flat-Tip Extensions pass without problems inside the hair and relaxation flat towards the head, making for 24/7 relief and a herbal feel. They are adaptable: The twin nature of Flat-Tip capacity that these extensions characteristic as each strands and wefts, and are capable to adapt seamlessly to any situation. When you’re moving, the hair behaves like a strand, transferring fluidly and fantastically with you. When you’re sitting nevertheless or mendacity down, the hair behaves like a weft, laying absolutely flat and smooth.

They experience natural: With all their remedy and adaptability, we suppose it’s protected to say that Flat-Tip Extensions behave the equal way as your herbal hair. They pass like your hair, lay like your hair, and—most importantly—they experience like your hair.

Meir Hair Flat-Tip Extensions are mounted strand-by-strand comparable to the I-Link Extensions to supply extension customers versatility to put on any hair style.



1.Separate the hair into tow parts.

2.Nserts a template to defend you scalp from heat.

3.Twist your hair strands for convenient setting over flat tip hair extensions.

4.Place the flat tip hair extensions beneath your personal hair.

5.Put the hair connector underneath hair.

6.Smoothly pass for three seconds.

7.Roll fused phase with your fingers and make it stick tightly.

More Information About Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Using flat tip hair extensions is a method combines the advantages of tape in and i tip: flat tip hair extensions give the flat, comfortable feel of tape In while maintaining a 360° movement with the same strand-by-strand method as i tip hair extensions. It gives the best of both methods. Meir Hair is a flat tip hair extensions manufacturers that owned a factory, in which the factory has more than 15 years of professional experience in producing flat tip hair extensions wholesale. Contact us for more information.

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