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Virgin Chinese Hair Wholesale Vendors

Chinese virgin hair is one of the most fashionable and popular hairs in the past year. Compared with Indian hair and Malaysian hair, Wholesale virgin Chinese hair is lighter and straighter. It is very breathable on the head and can match your natural hair well. With the development of Chinese technology and fast express. Chinese hair vendors can reach a high record in the hair field foreign trade industry every year. Customers are not only satisfied with the quality and price of hair, but also satisfied with the delivery speed and after-sales service guarantee of Chinese hair factory. According to statistics in 2019, customers from all over the world (especially customers in the United States) bought hair bundles in Chinese hair manufacturerscuticle aligned hair manufacturersfor up to 800 million US dollars.

And in recent years, the improvement of the wig industry in the world has been on the rise, which is primarily due to the following reasons. First, the international trend of hair loss is turning into more and more serious, driving an enlarge in demand. Second, with the improvement of people's living standards around the world, more and more people, both men and women, are willing to pay to create and shape their ideal image. In addition, many worldwide politicians and celebrities have led a craze for wearing wigs. It has been suggested that "Half of the stars in Hollywood wear hairpieces." All this has led to growing attention and demand for wholesale human hair wigs. Obviously, massive market demand represents a massive profit pool, which constantly attracts corporations giant and small businesses to enter the Chinese wigs wholesale market.

One can't talk about wigs without bringing up China, the biggest world provider of wholesale human hair wigs. Most people in the industry are very familiar with this fact. The motive nowadays is to talk about the characteristics and improvement of Chinese wholesale waeve market and how to wholesale human hair wigs from China. It is hoped that this information will help both the industry insiders as properly as the people who are making ready to enter the industry.

Why choose wholesale human hair wigs and hairpieces from China?

China has come to be the world's biggest producer and exporter of human hair wigs normally due to the fact China possesses benefits that other countries do not have:

1. Mature manufacturing chain and Advanced processing technology

2. Abundant raw materials and labor force

3. Excellent quality and reasonable price


Everyone is looking for the satisfactory wholesale hair vendors in China, India, Atlanta, and around the world.

What about you? Do you know how to locate a Chinese hair wholesale vendor?

Having a right supply of human hair extensions is going to be a essential part of your hair business. In this section, we are going to go over what people are currently looking for, what you should be looking for, and possibly how Meir Hair Wholesale can help.

As we know, there are many wholesale hair vendors in China, mainly in Xuchang city. And there are continually overseas merchants who make bundle hair offers and bundle offers with closures each and every day. The primary way of dealing is from human hair online stores. That is why you can search that many hair weave company websites online.

For the importers of wholesale human hair wigs, if you come to China for a wholesale hair vendor, you won't simply see one dealer but as many as can due to the fact there have too many wholesale hair vendors in China, we understand that you prefer to see as many suppliers as you can, it all for greater reference of different quality hair and price. We really understand that due to the fact business is business, and we also endorse you to see more than one suppliers for greater selections.

There are thousands of wholesale hair vendors in the world!

Here are the Top-5 approaches you can locate a wholesale hair vendor:

Google - Just search and go.

Alibaba - Keep your fingers crossed.

Hair Vendor Lists - A compilation of Google searches and Alibaba.

Referrals - Although many hair commercial enterprise proprietors do not like to share their supplier info.

Social Media - Once you are in the industry, you will be bombarded by using sales associates on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

You are going to have to locate out what works satisfactory for you as far as discovering the ideal hair vendor.

Most of our wholesale Chinese hair customers for Meir Hair Wholesale have located us through our Hair Business Instagram Group or our websites. We have been assisting customers to start and supply their hair businesses when you consider that 2016, so we also typically pop up in Google when looking to begin a hair company.

You want to do your research to make certain you are working with a reputable hair business enterprise and sales representative.


Different providers will accept more than a few sorts of payments. The most essential thing is to be one hundred percent secure with your money because it is easy to get scammed through an overseas business.

They understand you are not hopping on a flight to China to locate them, and even if you did get on that flight, the odds of catching anybody would be very slim.

The top 5 most common charge methods wholesale vendors accept:

Bank Wire Transfer

Western Union



Credit Card

You genuinely have NO protection when sending repayments by using Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union. If you send the money and they do not ship the hair, you are basically out of luck.

Paying safely through PayPal, AliPay, or Credit Card is a proper idea, but some vendors will charge you an additional charge between 3% - 5% to do so.

Buying $2,000 well worth of wholesale hair and have to pay a 5% fee? That would cost you $100 and can be more. This charge is additionally calculated on the delivery cost.

Sending payments through the safer strategies can be great, but you are also paying for that safety.


Yes, it is always correct thinking to order some samples of hair before making a more tremendous purchase.

Doing so will provide you a better concept if you are going to like the genuine style & quality of hair presented at a price. Remember, it is always at that price.

As mentioned above, there are many different elements in the pricing and quality of the hair. Some you would not recognize without being an expert.

The opinions on hair will always vary. I can simply say we have had so many Dropshipping customers inform us that they ordered hair from Meir Hair Wholesale. Didn't like it. Then ordered from our Dropshipper, and cherished the hair.

It's one hundred percent the same hair! Every time. Different people will have mixed feelings and emotions about a product.

What Is Chinese Hair?

Human hair lace wigs and human hair extensions be recognized by increasingly more women, most of women begin to use human hair extension or human hair lace wig to make some change of their hair style.

However, when they pick the products,they will find a lot of option to do, which built them into difficult to make decide. Actually every type of hair have their own feature, there's the most popular hair you need to know: Chinese Hair.

What Is Chinese Virgin Hair?

Hair In Chinese: Chinese women are envied for his or her perfect skin and healthy, shiny hair. The key for their strong, healthier hair originated in the traditional Chinese village of Huangluo. Nicknamed "The Lengthy Hair Village", The Yao Women are renowned for their lengthy and glossy hair. Nearly all women in this region have hair more than 1.2 meters!

Chinese hair sticks straight are the one of strongest chinese hairstyle in contrast to other hair material, also it possess a good natural straight.

whenever you keep your chinese short hair and long chinese hair on hands, you'll feel thick and full, that's also why wholesale virgin chinese hair is right for straight hair products, because it is thick, chinese hair products can stand deeply processed, dyeing and bleach, that is why most blonde or light color are made by chinese hair.


Chinese Wholesale hair Vendors

Meir Hair, a Chinese hair vendor that has its own factory, collects the sources of good hair from all over the world. We make the Virgin Chinese Hair Wholesale, can bleach pure 613 color, supply for high end hair salon and hair shop.

Brazilian hair is among the most widely used Hair on the market. Brazilian virgin hair is acquired from brazilian ladies who sell their hair exchange for money. Brazilian Hair is thinner and silkier compared with Malaysian Hair. Our Brazilian Hair ,which will come directly from single donor rather than combined with animal Hair or heat-resistant synthetic fibers, isn't chemically processed, no any other bad smell. Double weft, no tangling at all, and the cuticle aligned, to ensure that no shedding, even simple to dye and also the color is extremely vibrant. Is also restyled, that may meet the requirements of the clients.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese advanced production machinery and technology to produce and process the best quality hair for sale all over the world. Such as chinese curly hair, chinese hair pins, chinese hair ornaments, chinese hair wigs and chinese braided hair. Cheap labor and wholesale prices have brought the highest and greatest profits to our customers from all over the world. Fast logistics can ensure that the complete package arrives in your hands within three to five days; in these aspects, the Chinese wig factory is not inferior to any other country's factory, we can achieve quality assurance and excellent after-sales service , to achieve the principle of customer first and product best. If any interested, pls contact us: Meir Hair Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors/ cuticle aligned hair manufacturers.