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What is HD Lace?

HD means "high definition". HD lace is a royal lace material, also known as swiss lace before. When you use HD lace, it blends perfectly with the scalp, completely invisible. The high-quality material hd lace can ensures that the hairline looks natural, it will alos fully blend into your skin, and make the lace along the hairline extremely difficult to detect by others.

HD film lace can be dyed, colored and bleached to match the color of the scalp skin. But you don't have to do this, because whether it is a black woman or a white woman, the hd lace can also match their skin well. As for the knot, this is why hd lace is called royal lace.


Why Choose HD Lace?




HD is a bit translucent, because of its high-quality lace texture hd, which allows it to blend the color of your scalp.


Reflected light


Hd lace can reflect the light of the camera and the sun, no matter which angle you look at, the lace will show the color of the scalp, so there is no need to worry about unnatural hair.


Less itchy scalp caused by lace stimulation


HD lace has high quality materials and textures, so when you use HD lace closure or HD lace frontal, you don't have to worry about damaging your scalp or natural hair.




HD lace closure wholesale is very thin, so you need to handle it carefully.


FAQ About HD Lace

How long can HD lace last?


About 6-8 months


HD full lace wigs wholesale is loved by women all over the world because of its high-quality materials and royal-level lace. You don't have to worry about its quality and lifespan. As the saying goes, you get what you pay.


Can you bleach HD lace?


HD lace wig is a wig made of HD lace, which is difficult for others to detect. This is why many people may see that the hairline is invisible and imperceptible. HD lace is a perfect match for the scalp. You don't need to bleach or dye it.


Is transparent lace better than brown lace?


Because HD lace is very thin. It looks like a real scalp, and the lace looks difficult to detect. Compared to the material and appearance of brown lace, HD lace is definitely the best. It is also worth mentioning that this undetectable lace is excellent for any skin tone. You don't need to deepen and dye the lace to match the scalp.




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