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What is Cambodian hair?

What is cambodian hair like? If you are looking for hair extensions that looks natural, touch good, and easy to maintain, then raw Cambodian hair is your best choice.

The Cambodian hair factory in cambodia is collected directly from health single donors. You don't need to worry about its longevity and health. Because it is raw, also completely flexible and durable. It has different type of textures, including the most popular type: Cambodian straight hair, Cambodian body wave hair and Combodian kinky curly hair. Pure Cambodian hair tends to be lightly wavy. It is not as straight as Chinese hair, nor as wavy as Brazilian hair. But it is elasticity, and easy to curl or straighten. Meir hair a raw cambodian hair wholesale vendors provide cambodian straight hair bundles, raw cambodian curly hair and cambodian wavy hair.


Why choose Cambodian hair wholesale?

Cambodian hair texture

Natural cambodian hair is soft, delicate and luxurious. It is naturally gorgeous. At the same time, the hair is very light and gives you a comfortable and natural feeling. It is worth mentioning that cambodian hair weave wholesale can match your biological hair well like natural hair. You know that raw virgin hair means unchemically treated, so you can style it to make it look closely aligned with the texture of your hair.


The lightness of apsara cambodian hair


Although cambodian virgin hair extensions are thick and light in weight, so it is easy to wear and you can not feel any heavy and uncomfortable on the head. Who doesn't want to have light and bulky hair?


Cambodian hairstyles and durability


Wholesale Cambodian hair bundles are very suitable for styling. It can maintain curly hair well, and can withstand dyeing and bleaching without causing too much damage to the quality of the hair. Meir hair raw hair vendors in cambodia provide cambodian curly virgin hair, cambodian straight virgin hair, cambodian deep wave hair and raw cambodian hair wig.


Another characteristic that makes people like Cambodian hair is its durability. If you maintain it carefully, it will last 12-24 months. After wearing the Cambodian hair extension, you can go out confidently. Unless you tell others, no one will see you wearing hair accessories. It matches your hair very well. They couldn't even believe it even after you let them touch your hair.



FAQ about Cambodian Hair

How long does Cambodian hair last?

In 2-3 years, there are too many factors to consider: Hair products used, Climatic conditions, Water temperature, Frequency of shampoo and hair care solution, heating tools, and of course how you personally care for the hair. However, considering the best proper care, we have seen that hair can last for at least 2-3 years or even longer.


Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair, which is much better?


Brazilian hair is thicker. Cambodian hair has better gloss than Brazilian hair. You can buy the corresponding hair type according to your needs.


When buying hair weaves, everyone has preferences and choices regarding hair texture and quality. Determine the color of the hair, and then blend the color and natural hair well. Get the bundle of the desired length to try the best hairstyle.


Choosing soft and thick Brazilian hair or good shiny, light, durable Cambodian hair will be both beneficial, because these hair types do not need to buy more hair bundles to have a complete look.


Therefore, please consider your lifestyle and the type of hairstyle you like to try. Hoping this article can help you make the right decision when buying the best quality hair. Hope your purchase is worthwhile!


How to find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors?


Whether you are buying hair personally, or a cambodia hair salon owner or wholesaler, getting the best hair of top quality is crucial. When buying high-quality hair, you must also consider the price factor. Meir Hair is a raw cambodian hair vendors in cambodia and China with 15 years of history in the hair industry. They offers Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and Cambodian hair. You can buy raw Cambodian hair bundles at high-quality with wholesale prices in their factories and get higher profits. Win-win cooperation and quality first are the slogans of this factory for their customers from all over the world.