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Micro Ring Hair Extensions Wholesale

Micro ring hair extensions use the trick with tiny copper rings to combine strands of hair with the hair extension, some people may called it micro bead or micro loop extensions, they are really great solution for longer-term hair extension. If you are looking for micro ring hair extensions, Meir Hair factory has more than 15 years of professional experience in producing micro ring hair extensions, one of the few micro ring hair extensions wholesale manufacturers that can grantee you high quality with factory price.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions use a approach with tiny copper rings to mix strands of herbal hair with the hair extension. Also recognised as micro bead or micro loop extensions, they are a virtually outstanding preference when it comes to a longer-term hair extension solution. The hair extensions are utilized one strand at a time with the rings protecting the extensions in vicinity securely. No glues or chemical substances are required. Hair extensions the usage of the micro ring approach closing for round three to four months earlier than protection is required and hair as quick as four inches lengthy can be prolonged with this method.

Meir Hair is the manufacturer of Guangzhou Ruiju E-commerce CO. Ltd that has greater than 15 years of trip in manufacturing of Brazilian hair merchandise such as micro ring hair extensions. We are one of the pleasant wholesale hair extensions manufacturers/suppliers, we have our very own wholesale merchandise producing manufacturing facility to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products.

Why pick micro ring hair extensions over glue extensions?

• Micro ring extensions can be re-used once more and again! Whereas glued-in hair extensions want to be replaced, your hairdresser or stylist can re-use your micro ring extensions.

• Reduced chance of damage. As there are no adhesives or glues use in micro ring extensions, you are definitely putting off the injury precipitated when glued-in extensions are taken out of your hair.

• When you have glued-in extensions, it is encouraged that you permit your herbal hair to relaxation in between fittings. With micro ring extensions this is simply now not the case. Micro ring extensions can be equipped back-to-back; you will by no means be besides your extensions!

• The copper rings that are used in micro ring extensions come in exclusive shades which means that they will be nearly invisible to the informal viewers. Glued-in extensions however, can be very apparent when the glue web page is visible.

How many strands of micro loop hair extensions do I want for a full head?

Around 100-120 strands micro loop ring hair extensions for full head normally, it depends. The first step in our micro loop extension tutorial is product selection. Look over Meir Hair's one hundred percentage actual Remy avail abilities on line for applications of one hundred soft, silky strands. Decide which size up to 30 inches, weight, color, texture from straight to curly, and customized hair picks you want. Our different choices function tangle-free extended-lengths in heaps of famous shades.

Proper extension care will make sure that your Meir Hair micro ring hair extensions beautify your appears longer. Brush your mixed locks three or greater instances per day to put off knots and improve shine. Carry an more purse brush as a every day reminder. Before sleeping, braid your mane loosely so you’ll awaken with tangle-free tresses.

Never use silicone-based or oily shampoos or conditioners close to clamped beads to stop slippage. Treat your hair with a thermal safety product earlier than the use of warm equipment like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. That will shield towards frizz and warmness harm that might also show up after normal warm styling.