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What are micro ring hair extensions?

Wholesale Micro ring hair extensions use a approach with tiny copper rings to mix strands of herbal hair with the hair extension. Also recognised as micro bead or micro loop extensions, they are a virtually outstanding preference when it comes to a longer-term hair extension solution. The hair extensions are utilized one strand at a time with the rings protecting the extensions in vicinity securely. No glues or chemical substances are required. Hair extensions the usage of the micro ring approach closing for round three to four months earlier than protection is required and hair as quick as four inches lengthy can be prolonged with this method.

Meir Hair Factory has greater than 15 years of trip in manufacturing of wholesale Brazilian hair merchandise such as micro ring hair extensions. We are one of the pleasant micro loop extensions suppliers/ micro loop hair extensions suppliers, we have our very own wholesale merchandise producing manufacturing facility to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products.



Why pick micro ring hair extensions over glue extensions?

Micro ring extensions can be re-used once more and again! Whereas glued-in hair extensions want to be replaced, your hairdresser or stylist can re-use your micro ring extensions.

• Reduced chance of damage. As there are no adhesives or glues use in micro ring hair extensions, you are definitely putting off the injury precipitated when glued-in extensions are taken out of your hair.

• When you have glued-in extensions, it is encouraged that you permit your herbal hair to relaxation in between fittings. With micro ring hair extensions this is simply now not the case. Micro ring hair extensions can be equipped back-to-back; you will by no means be besides your extensions!

• The copper rings that are used in micro ring hair extensions come in exclusive shades which means that they will be nearly invisible to the informal viewers. Glued-in extensions however, can be very apparent when the glue web page is visible.



How many strands of micro loop hair extensions do I want for a full head?

Around 100-120 strands micro loop ring hair extensions for full head normally, it depends. The first step in our micro loop extension tutorial is product selection. Look over Meir Hair's one hundred percentage actual Remy avail abilities on line for applications of one hundred soft, silky strands. Decide which size up to 30 inches, weight, color, texture from straight to curly, and customized hair picks you want. Our different choices function tangle-free extended-lengths in heaps of famous shades.

Proper extension care will make sure that your Meir Hair micro ring hair extensions beautify your appears longer. Brush your mixed locks three or greater instances per day to put off knots and improve shine. Carry an more purse brush as a every day reminder. Before sleeping, braid your mane loosely so you’ll awaken with tangle-free tresses.

Never use silicone-based or oily shampoos or conditioners close to clamped beads to stop slippage. Treat your hair with a thermal safety product earlier than the use of warm equipment like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. That will shield towards frizz and warmness harm that might also show up after normal warm styling.



More Information About Micro Ring Hair Extensions


Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most popular techniques of attachment for hair extensions. Micro rings are small metal rings that hair extensions are threaded through, along with some of your very own hair. Once they have been placed successfully, the micro rings are clamped into place, securing the hair extensions to your hair. Our micro rings are lined with an excellent silicone layer to make certain slippage is minimized.

Due to their small size, micro rings are genuinely undetectable when placed in the hair; they are also absolutely damage-free and can be removed or repositioned with ease. At The Hair Alchemist, we only use the very best in Russian and Slavic hair. Our Russian micro ring hair extensions are one of the absolute best quality; we supply our Russian hair ethically, making sure it is damage-free before use.

Whilst micro ring extensions are discrete, there is an even greater discrete option; miniature micro rings. Mini micro ring hair extensions are attached via the identical premise however, the metal ring itself is smaller in size. The major advantage of miniature micro rings is that it allows hair extensions to be applied to extremely fine hair, without detection. Miniature micro rings are one of a kind to The Hair Alchemist salon, personalized to make certain a seamless application.


There are a couple of variations of micro ring hair extensions provided by salons. Whilst we offer only micro ring and miniature micro ring hair extensions, some salons provide what are known as micro loop hair extensions. Micro loop hair extensions use a plastic loop to attach extensions to a client’s natural hair. The client’s hair is pulled thru a pre-attached copper ring and clamped shut. Whilst this technique is often faster than the application of micro ring hair extensions, they do not last as long as it is very hard to carry out maintenance on micro loop hair extensions. This is because every ring is already fused to the hair and therefore new rings can't be applied; extensions can only be pushed back up the hair to minimize slippage, however this is not recommended. Micro loops are also not as discreet as micro rings therefore, it can often be seen if natural hair is thin.

Micro ring hair extensions, on the other hand, even though extra time consuming to fit, boast a wide range of advantages over micro loop extensions. The ring is inserted into the client’s hair, strands of hair extension are also inserted into the ring before if it is clamped shut. As hair is separate from the ring itself, it can be clamped flatter thus making it much less likely to slip and more discreet. Micro ring hair extensions also allow for regular preservation to be carried out. Hair extensions can be completely removed and refitted to ensure slippage does not occur and hair stays looking great for longer. Our particular style of micro ring is unique to us as it includes a fantastic layer of silicone to further prevent slippage.

We also provide miniature micro ring hair extensions. These are identified as micro rings but you guessed it…smaller. These are the ideal choice if you have particularly fine hair as they are much less likely to be seen due to their size.


The durability of this hair extension technique is one of the fantastic things about micro rings. While other techniques may also last from as little as a day (clip-ins) to eight weeks (for example, the superstar weave), micro rings can last for up to four months. This is because they grow alongside the hair and their individual nature means they don’t get too uncomfortable to wear, or too apparent to others.

They are also totally reusable, with the ring being launched during the re-fit and the process being repeated – meaning that micro rings can be a nifty little investment for those who love long locks. They consequently also have the added advantage of saving your consumers money over a longer period.


The fantastic thing about micro rings hair extensions is they can be used by pretty much anyone – as long as they are happy to sit for long enough. While this technique takes a little longer to complete, the outcomes speak for themselves. Wearers of micro ring hair extensions quickly notice the extra length, volume, and complete flexibility when it comes to styling and caring for their new hair extensions.

It’s fair to say that micro rings hair extensions are the best choice in hair extensions for those who prefer a natural feel and appear to their new tresses considering that the extensions sit flat in opposition to the hair and have individual movement. They can also be much more customizable than other methods, as the hair and the rings can be purchased separately, to better fit the root color.

We hope that you’ve loved studying the whole thing there is to understand about micro rings hair extensions. If you’re nonetheless unsure about which technique is best for you, feel free to test out our different blogs to see what other techniques are available. Don’t forget, if you have any other questions, your hair extension technician needs to always be able to answer your queries and comments for you.


Proper extension care will make certain that your Meir Hair extensions and beautify your appearance longer. Brush your blended locks three or more times per day to dispose of knots and enhance shine. Carry an extra purse brush as a day by day reminder. Before sleeping, braid your mane loosely so you’ll awaken with tangle-free tresses.

Never use silicone-based or oily shampoos or conditioners near clamped beads to prevent slippage. Treat your hair with a thermal protection product before using hot equipment like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. That will guard against frizz and heat damage that may take place after frequent hot styling.



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