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Clip in hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to get long, thick hair in simply a be counted of minutes. Clip-in hair extension wefts come with the clips already connected to them. This capacity that you can in reality take the wefts and without difficulty clip them into your hair all by means of yourself, besides any extra costs, time, or expert help. Best clip in hair extensions are the ideal answer for these who are searching to get thicker hair and longer hair instantly, besides the hassle, long-term dedication or breaking the bank.

Meir Hair is the company of Guangzhou Ruiju E-commerce CO. Ltd that has greater than 15 years of ride in manufacturing of Brazilian hair merchandise such as clip in human hair extensions. We are one of the excellent wholesale hair extensions manufacturers/suppliers, we have our very own wholesale merchandise producing manufacturing unit to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products.


Curly clip in hair extensions are best for these ladies searching for a rapid home made hair extensions approach with no everlasting bonding.

Real clip in hair extensions can be utilized in much less then 5 minutes in the alleviation of your personal home, besides any assist from a hair stylist.

1. Before making use of your remy clip in hair extensions, exercise opening and closing the clips through making use of strain to every aspect of the clip with your thumbs.

2. Using your index fingers or a tailcomb, make a easy horizontal section throughout your scalp about 1 inch from the nape of your neck. Secure your hair that is above the phase the use of a claw clip or hair tie.

3. Make certain all clips on the hair weft are in the open position.

4. Always connect the center clip first. Slide the comb on the clip onto your herbal hair and snap shut. Check if the attachment is securely in place. Repeat with the clips on the left and proper aspect of the weft.

5. Make certain the weft lies flat alongside your scalp and feels secure.

6. Release the clipped hair above the phase and use a comb to make any other horizontal section ? to 1 inch above the until now utilized extension. Once again, clip your herbal hair that is above the phase out of the way.

7. Attach any other weft in the identical manner as the first. Remember to continually connect the center clip first.

8. Continue making horizontal components and attaching the extensions as you cross up the lower back of the head.

9. Attach the smaller aspect portions by way of making a horizontal phase above the ear and attaching the clip in wefts in the identical manner.

10. Use a replicate to make certain no seen weft is showing. Done! You can now use a hair straightener or curling iron to fashion your hair extensions.


1. No Commitment: Clip in colored hair extensions are temporary. You can installation and eliminate them each time you want. It skill you want now not have to elevate synthetic hair each day. You can put on clip-ins on exceptional occasions. What is fantastic about clip-ins is that you get entire manipulate over your locks, which means you can fashion them on the other hand you want.

2. Dream Hairstyles: First, clip-in extensions come in a range of hair colors, hair types, and hairstyles. And the 2nd component is you can cut, colour and fashion clip-in hair extension made of human hair in the favored manner. With these hair extensions, you can make a coiffure of your goals every time you want.

3. Multi-style: Clip in hair extensions come in a range of hair colors, hair types, and weights. You can pick out your preferred clip hair extensions in accordance to color, black clip in hair extensions, brown clip in hair extensions, blond clip in extensions, and pink clip in extensions.

4. Low Maintenance: Clip-in hair extensions are low-maintenance hair enhancers. Since they are no longer sewn or glued which require a hairstylist to set up them in and take them out, clip-ins can be managed definitely by way of yourself. Simply clip them in and you are prepared to rock!

5. Comfortable To Wear:Kriyya clip extensions use pure Remy hair, Lacquer coating stainless metal clip with tender silicone sleeve, seamless and comfortable. Best clip in hair extensions is convenient to use and can mixture flawlessly with your herbal hair to make your look appear natural, I can’t see you sporting a hair extension at all.

More Information About Clip In Extensions

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-Ins hair extensions are applied without using glues, adhesives and bonding agents, or heat. It consists of small toupee clips that are sewn onto the hair weft. A clip-in hair extension may also have up to eight strips of human hair ranging from two inches to eight inches. Each hair weft clip is snapped into place after the hair is sectioned neatly.

It is advised to backcomb the hair a bit to provide an extra impenetrable grip to the clip. This procedure can be repeated until all the clips have been snapped onto your hair.

Why is Clip-In Hair Extensions so Popular?

Clip-Ins are turning popular in contrast to other kinds of hair extensions due to the fact they are truly handy and convenient to use. To apprehend why they have become so popular, you have to apprehend the mechanics behind it. If you look at different techniques of applying for hair extensions, you will either have to go for tape-ins which have to be applied using liquid adhesive or glue tape, Clip-In hair extensions which we shall discuss in further depth, Bonding, Fusion, Lace Fronts, Netting, and Tracking.

All of the other techniques may want to take somewhere from a couple of hours to almost eight hours to apply. Looking at the length of time makes you rethink whether or not this is what you honestly want. But why compromise anywhere? Clip-in hair extensions are the simplest approach to changing your hair and look in a short while.

This technique of application is the least permanent so it also means that this inflicts the least harm to your natural hair. Any form of hair extension application will affect your natural hair. Think about fusion – it may also make your hair extensions blend in so seamlessly and appear natural but you’ll spend pretty a long time getting it done. Even worse, the chemical compounds in the glue used to apply the hair extensions to your natural hair, blended with the heat which is used to soften the adhesive so that your extensions are attached may reason hair loss and scalp irritation.

These are very real issues as the reason why you may also be getting hair extensions in the first place is due to vanity. We all love our hair and prefer to keep the health of our natural hair. This is where Clip-In Hair Extensions come in. They come without the disadvantages of traction alopecia which accompanies glue extensions. Also, clip-In hair extension can be worn the whole day for a change of look and you can remove them at night. This easy to apply and removal system of hair extensions make this a favorite with many people.

Even if you wear extensions each day, it is so handy to apply that it makes it the most versatile of all wholesale human hair extensions. Whether you prefer to wear it on a special occasion or a daily basis, Clip-In hair extensions is the answer. Because they have to be removed before sleeping each night, it means that your natural scalp and hair are more healthy as they do not have any pulling or anxiety on the hair strands.

How to use it?

Clip-in hair extension is the kind of hair extension with clips sewn meticulously in the top of the hair bundle, so they are handy to put on and perfectly match your real hair with no pain, long-term bonding, or damage to your hair. It just takes you a few minutes to apply for these hair extensions by clipping the extensions immediately in your hair and it is completely invisible. Owning fuller and longer hair is by no means so easy and handy as that.

Besides, you can effortlessly take it off and change into different styles by yourself. After installing, you can braid or curl your hair in different styles that suit your outfits and make-up for a party or any special occasions. Just in a few minutes, you can totally install clip-in hair extensions by yourself and immediately alternate your appearance.

Where to purchase it?

After understanding clearly about clip-in hair extension, the top-notch benefits of using them, some suggestions to maintain extensions last longer and always remain strong and healthy, you might also marvel about where are the best region to purchase clip-in hair extensions as it is stated that spending too much money doesn’t mean you can purchase the satisfactory product. The point is how to locate the most trustworthy suppliers.

The hair extensions enterprise is turning more and more developed leading to the appearance of horrific wholesale hair suppliers who always try to get the highest earnings ignoring the quality of products. Therefore, clients need to think cautiously when shopping for clip-in hair extensions, specifically through the Internet. If you have never tried hair extensions before, you need to be more cautious in selecting hair extensions and have to make certain that extensions are made from human hair, not the mixture between animal hair and human hair. You can seek advice from prices of clip-in hair extension at Meir Hair and don’t hesitate to leave us a message to get the first-class recommendation for clip-in hair extensions’ texture, color, and price.


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Have you longed for getting a more drawn out more full hair yet your hair quality isn't what it used to be?


Do you take a gander at magazines and wish you had hair like the models included there? All things considered, it isn't so difficult to resemble them now. The wholesale clip in hair extension is the simple thing to get – the garments and figure possibly something else out and out.


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