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Tape IN Hair Extensions Wholesale

Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, that are about 1 inch wide and have been “pre-taped”, and then get “taped-in” in between your own hair. This method used 100 human hair, requires no tools or chemicals, and it takes lesser time to apply an entire head with zero damage. If you are looking for tape in hair extensions, Meir Hair factory has more than 15 years of professional experience in producing high quality tape in hair extensions wholesale with factory price. Purchase at anytime!

What's tape in hair extensions?

One of the first matters I learned? Tape in extensions aren't truely some thing you can DIY on your own. Unlike clip-in extensions, which are more cost effective (like, you can get them on Amazon cheap) and accurate for a night time out, tape hair extensions are a semi-long dedication that you'll really prefer to go away to the pros.

As the title implies, best tape in hair extensions adhere to the hair's root the usage of medical-grade tape—you know, the variety they use to shut wounds and surgical incisions. What effects is an instant, virtually unbreakable bond that capacity there is no way that hair is going somewhere till you say so. Hairstylist Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon and Redken manufacturer ambassador is a large fan. “The advantages of tape-in extensions be aware of no bounds,” says Cutler. “They are exceedingly convenient to follow and remove, do not harm your hair, and seem to be greater herbal due to the fact they lie nearly definitely flush in opposition to the head, whereas different sorts have thicker bases that stick out.”

Meir Hair is the brand of Guangzhou Ruiju E-commerce CO. Ltd that has more than 15 years of experience in production of Brazilian hair products including tape in hair extensions. We are one of the best wholesale hair extensions manufacturers/suppliers, we have our own wholesale products producing factory to manufacture raw/virgin Brazilian hair products. 

“Remy tape in hair extensions introduced the common time for getting extensions down from quite a few hours to as little as 30 minutes,” says Porter. “Tape in human hair extensions permit for convenient removal, the capacity to reuse the hair, and the capacity to maximize placement selections giving the consumer a extra natural, easy look."

Are real hair tape in extensions well worth it?


They can actually be pricey.

You want to hold extensions each day if you choose them to last.

Styling and sporting extra hair than everyday can be an uncomfortable adjustment at first.

You can fashion your hair as your typically would.

Tape-ins enable you to add colour besides bleaching or dyeing your hair.

The set up and elimination are rapid and damage-free.

The wefts are typically thin, so they're relaxed to put on and disguise.

I hated my hair so a lot after a horrific reduce that I used to be inclined to attempt some thing to restore it, and tape-ins genuinely did the trick. I had Bachelor-contestant hair in about two hours, alongside with the peace of thinking that I should have it all without difficulty eliminated as quickly as I received worn-out of it. Plus, I used to be in a position to add highlights barring bleaching my hair. It's truely a lot of work to wash and blow-dry a head of forty tape-in bonds, however I virtually love the look, so IMHO, it's well worth it.

How are tape-in extensions applied?

"Tape-in extensions are great skinny and appear extraordinarily natural," says celeb stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. "The wefts come with double-sided tape alongside the base. You peel off a clear sheet from the weft and observe it to the hair."

According to stylist and salon proprietor Nunzio Saviano, the extensions are utilized in a sandwich-like pattern, with the herbal hair in between two pre-taped wefts. The complete system takes about an hour. "Once they are in, you should not experience them," Nunzio says. "You commonly do not want too many for size and volume." In order for your tape-in extensions to have physique and movement, your stylist can follow shorter wefts at some point of the hair.