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Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale

Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale

  • 1. Material : 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair
  • 2. Grade : 9A, 10A, 11A,12A
  • 3. Texture : Curly Wave Hair
  • 4. Color: #1B Natural Black
  • 5. Length: 8-30" available
  • 6. Quality: Double drawn weft,minimum shedding, no tangles, no lices, can be dyed and ironed
  • 7. Payment:TT/Western union/Money Gram/PayPal
  • 8. Shipment:Mainly DHL/Fedex by air,UPS/EMS/TNT can be acceptable.

Indian Hair Culry Wave Wholesale

Indians are well-known for their hair throughout the globe. Indian curly wave hair extensions are viewed as one of the nice due to the fact of hair thickness, tensile strength, and smoothness. The most frequent Indian curly wave hair kind is wavy (straight hair with a small wave pattern). It is very tough to categorize one’s hair primarily based on hair types. Everybody’s hair is different. Even one single head of hair can have more than one sort of curl and wave patterns. A convenient technique to perceive your hair kind is to wash your hair and detangle it whilst your hair is soaked with rinse-off conditioner. After washing does no longer comb your hair and lets it dry naturally. The form you get is your herbal hair type.

Wavy hair is most probable to be harassed with straight hair, especially in India as right here straight hair is the most famous hair type. And with this in mind, comes combing, plenty and plenty of combing. Combing simply destroys herbal curl/wave patterns and so, most human beings by no means even understand the genuine management of their hair. No more! It is time to do justice to your waves. Every curly hair hobbies that I have cited in the weblog additionally applies to wavy hair. Here you can see our wavy pal Manisha. She has hair of kind 2b-2c. She now is aware that she has to no longer deal with her hair like straight and accompanied the curly hair routine. So experience your waves and capture them.

Raw Indian curly wave hair  Maintenance

People who love Indian curly wave hair, REALLY love Indian curly wave hair. We have a positive affinity for the uncooked temple tresses as well, being that it was once the virgin hair texture that we began the employer with nearly 10 years ago.

But first-time Indian curly wave hair consumers are frequently caught off-guard by means of the exceptional preservation wishes of this collection. With fuller, longer-lasting bundles, Raw Hair is no longer solely natural-looking, however, it acts simply like your personal herbal hair and it blends properly with all hair types. So, we might like to take this time to focal point on what you can do to get the most out of your Indian curly wave hair extensions.


Shampoo and circumstance hair weekly the use of heat water. Cleansing the hair as soon as a week will stop grime and sweat build-up and as an end result forestall tangling. After cleanse, observe leave-in conditioner at ends of hair, working upwards closer to roots.


Make certain to gently comb Raw Indian curly wave hair after every wash and each and every day. When detangling the hair, start at the ends and work up little by using little to the roots. Keep a spray bottle accessible to maintain hair moist, easing the manner and minimizing breakage.


It is necessary to let the extensions air dry and if a blow-dryer is necessary, preserve putting on cool. The warmness from a blow dryer can harm the hair and even shorten the life-span. To stop tangling whilst air drying, area, and plait hair into massive braids.

Avoiding Dry Ends

Use the Silk Shot serum proper after cleaning to fight the warmth and cut up ends whilst assisting to go away your hair with a luminous shine. This approach works like a defensive coat on hair, stopping water from evaporating, accordingly assisting to maintain it hydrated, soft, and healthy.

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