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Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale
Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale

Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale

  • 1. Material : 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair
  • 2. Grade : 9A, 10A, 11A,12A
  • 3. Texture : Loose Deep Wave Hair
  • 4. Color: #1B Natural Black
  • 5. Length: 8-30" available
  • 6. Quality: Double drawn weft,minimum shedding, no tangles, no lices, can be dyed and ironed
  • 7. Payment:TT/Western union/Money Gram/PayPal
  • 8. Shipment:Mainly DHL/Fedex by air,UPS/EMS/TNT can be acceptable.
  • 9. Can Custom Logo, Packages Free

Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale

Looking for the Indian Hair Loose Deep Wave Wholesale supplier online, is your best choice, we offer the free sample for you to test, our hair huge in stock, the length from 8inch to 30inch, also have the lace closure and lace frontal to match with different grade, and we also supply you for the dropshipping if you need, we can custom your logo and your package for free. Just conact us if you are interested.

How To Maintain Indian Loose Deep Wave Weave

Indian Loose deep wave weave is a new human hairstyle regarded on the market recently, it quickly turns into famous after appeared due to the fact of the special texture.

It is a proud element for women with a head of smooth and lovely human hair, however as we all know, the approach of maintenance is very essential to maintain the lovely hair. As a new famous human hairstyle-Loose deep wave hair, how to take care of it end up the frequent question. If you keep the hair in a suited way, the hair will return you a self-assurance charm. But if you only put on it without the right caring, it will have an impact on your total status.

This blog will show something about how to preserve your Indian loose deep wave weave.

What Is Indian Loose Deep Wave Weave?

Indian loose deep wave hair, is a new regarded hairstyle accompanying with people's demand. The texture of the one hundred percent Indian virgin Remy loose deep wave hair bundles is unique, the curling is between loose wave and deep wave, it is higher than a deep wave, however smaller than loose wave. Loose deep wave hair texture is the synthesis of the loose wave and deep wave.

Loose deep wave hairstyles have a natural luster on them, the most famous trend set is Indian loose deep wave bundles with closure or frontal, which appears very full and beautiful.

How To Maintain Indian Loose Deep Wave Weave

Many people had been irritated with the littery human hair, with the time omit long, they will end up afraid of caring for the hair, this is due to the fact they have not bought the proper way to take care of the hair. Now we will talk about how to preserve your loose deep wave hair in detail.

1, Installation Care

* Please do not reduce your hair wefts when you install your hair. All the hair from MeirHair is double wefts, the cause is preserving the hair shedding-free and with a long-lasting lifetime. Cutting wefts will purpose hair shedding. So we endorse not reducing the hair wefts. You must maintain the complete hair wefts and sew in it by way of wrapping around your head.

* Keep the loose deep wave hair setting for some time after installed, avoid the hair touching the water and warmth procedure. This will maintain the hair texture well.

2, How to wash your Indian loose deep wave hair

* Wash your hair as soon as a week.

* Using your finger-comb your hair smoothly before washing, make certain your hair is tangling free.

* Washing your hair with slight water.

* Suggest the use of a pre-conditioning therapy before the usage of the shampoo, in order to preserve the hair moisturized.

* Massage your scalp gently, do not impolite to your hair during washing.

* Dry your hair with an easy towel, no longer wring your hair. Just use the towel to blot up the water from your hair. Then use the natural air for drying, keep away from using the electric-powered hair drier.

3, Sleeping Care

Sleeping care is very vital too if you use an incorrect sleeping care way, your hair may also end up dry, clutter, and change the curls.

We endorse tying your hair to one side, then use a satin bonnet cap to cowl your hair during the sleeping night. Pay attention not directly to press your hair during the night.

4, Dye, Heat, or Bleach Care

All MeirHair is the fine loose deep wave hair, a hundred percent Indian virgin Remy human hair with no different chemical procedures can be dyed, bleached and different heat restyled.

But it will damage your hair if you restyle it in an incorrect way, so we advise going to your hairstylist for help if you prefer to dye or bleach your hair, and bought some care recommendation from your hairstylist.

5, Some extra guidelines about maintain your Indian loose deep wave hair

* Maintain your hair regularly.

* Minimize warmness cure to keep away from damage.

* Consulting in time for some problems. 

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