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  Today, the short hair hairstyle has become more and more popular,no matter the superstar or the common people, they all following the fashion and make a short hair,no one will reject the charm of short hair. But do you know how to make waves with short hair? Short hair can be made into a variety of shapes even the curly hair, and now we are talking about how to make waves in shore hair.

 Prepare a curling iron which can make your hair look great, and then we can start.


  How to make waves in hair? The first step is very important, to begin with, divide your hair into two parts, it depends on your hair, but general, two parts are enough.

  And the second step, use the curling irons to curly your hair with the lower parts. When you wrap your hair around the curling iron, make sure you are keeping the hair flat -- not twisting it as you wrap. Leave a little bit of last hair off the curling iron, and the rest of the hair is in waves, which will make your hair look more natural in the end. Change the curl by changing the angle of the curling iron, because different angles may have different effects of curling.

  After that, take a comb and brush out the lower half of your hair and make it look more wave. Spray a little hair gel over your hair to make your hair shiny and more wave. And at the last, Spray your hair with hairspray to hold it in place, make sure your hair is not disturbed by the wind.

  Sometimes we spend hours in the barber shop, and the final hair style doesn't necessarily make you like it, but as long as you learn the curling iron tutorial and know how to make waves in your hair, no matter what kind of curly hairstyle you can make it yourself. Or simpley, you can just customize your wholesal Brazilian hair from Brazilianhairtop.

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