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How To Dye Brazilian Hair Correct Steps

Hair is one of the most common means of modern makeup, is the use of plants (such as oil pear fruit, fingernail, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.) or chemical pigments, the color of the hair dyed the desired color. Is one of the most common services of modern barber shop.

Dyeing the main use of two: a black to cover the white hair; the second is to fashion, with the mood to change the color of hair, with clothing and makeup, fully show their own personality. Hair has become fashionable, young people can change the mood with the mood of the black hair, with clothing and makeup, full display of their own personality; and middle-aged because of the growing white hair and had to frequent black. Hair color is high, and certainly damage the hair, or even detrimental to the health of the body, should reduce the hair damage to the body. in spite of that , color hair extensions is popular by many people . Therefore , taday , I will tell you how to dye you own wholesale brazilian virgin hair extensions at home.



1.Loyalty to the original color

Whether you dyed hair color, is a natural hair color or has been artificially changed hair color, you pick the new color when you must be loyal to your primary colors, according to your original color tone to pick. Professional hair stylist recommended whether it is dyed or shallow, can not and the original hair color out of more than two colors, or would be too exaggerated.

2. Choose cool colors

If you first to dye hair, use the dyed "warm colors" color, it is easy to dyed hair extensions looks like a lack of luster, like sandpaper. So to choose a cool tone or neutral color of the color, will be a lot of security.

3 . Before the dye done enough reserves

Usually a can of hair dye, enough to use long hair people (that is, hair to the shoulder near). If your hair is particularly long, or especially thick, it is necessary to do enough before the hair dye reserves, or you will be a big embarrassing.

4 . Use professional tools

Often the hair dye is equipped with hair dye tools are relatively simple, and limited use. So if you want have a better effect, go to the beauty tool store to buy more professional (at least more solid) tool. Such as hair with gloves can not just a thin layer of transparent plastic.

5 . First do color test

With its dye do not like the new hair after the regret, it should be in the hair before the pick a handful of hair in the surface of the hair color test.

6 . Be careful to fill hair roots

DIY hair color is the most prone to embarrassing thing is to fill the hair color and the original hair color is inconsistent! Even if you use the same brand of the same color of the hair dye, if the dye in the waiting process from the hair root to other places to repeat the color, it will lead to dyeing and dyeing before the color is not the same. To prevent accidents, you can let you friend to help, or find a three-sided mirror from all angles to see where to start the dye agent. If you want to take the opportunity to make up for the color of the place has been dyed, just 5 minutes before the time to clean with a comb to the hair dye along the hair, 5 minutes after all the hair with the cleaning.

7 . After the hair care hair color

The more you love your hair, its color will keep better. So after the hair picking hair for the preparation of hair care products, at least once a week to do a deep care.

8 . Naturally covered with white hair

If you are dyed to cover a lot of white hair, then choose a white hair and your natural hair color in the middle of a color, so the color looks more natural, and even if there is a new long hair is not too abrupt.

9 . Be careful curls

As the curly hair is relatively dry, naturally easy to absorb hair dye, color than straight hair is faster, naturally more easily damaged. So when the hair follicles, reduce the amount of one-fourth of the dye component, with distilled water instead, after mixing as usual.

10 . Play forwarding color

The color of the hair is actually more like an ornament, so you can boldly choose you generally do not choose the color, slightly shallow, slightly deeper, it is likely to appear to make you overjoyed color. If you are afraid of "a stumble into the ages hate", then you can choose to spray hair dye or hair styling miles and so on.