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I am sure you must be thinking of how to give your wholesale Brazilian hair a new look or dimension.

I promise at the end of the article, you will thank me for writing on this, you will also understand how to dye Brazilian hair black and how to dye Brazilian hair blonde.

If you want to dye your Brazilian hair, and then your consideration should be the Brazilian hair extensions. The Brazilian hair extension has been in Vogue for years and the fact that the hair can be changed when using them makes the hair one of the most appreciated hair. The human Brazilian hair extensions are usually free from artificial coloring and styling when purchased and this makes the hair versatile.


The first question that needs to be answered is that can Brazilian hair be dyed?

Yes, Brazilian hair can be dyed. This is the biggest benefit of the Brazilian hair; the human Brazilian hair can dyed into different colors unlike the artificial Brazilian hair which is less versatile.

Also know that the artificial hair cannot be colored but the human Brazilian hair can be colored, just like your natural hair, the Brazilian hair can be dyed and styled into any color or style of your choice.


Tools needed to dye your Brazilian hair

To dye your Brazilian hair, the major tools you need for the process include the Brazilian hair, the hair developer and hair color, the wide tooth comb, Aluminum foil, Plastic wraps, a towel, a color bowl and a brush.


The first step to take to dye your Brazilian hair is to disentangle the hair extensions by combing through the hair with the wide tooth brush, ensure the disentangled hair is washed and dried by placing on a towel.

After disentangling the hair, the next step is to prepare the hair color mixture.

For the purpose of this article, the hair color mixture should be black or blonde (gold).

Follow the instruction on the hair color before you pour the color mixture into the applicator bottle. After pouring into the applicator bottle, ensure you close the applicator bottle and shake the bottle containing the black or gold color mixture thoroughly until you are very sure that the color mixture in the applicator bottle has been mixed thoroughly.

If you have perfectly mixed the hair color mixture then you are ready to dye your Brazilian hair to hair or blonde. Use the dye to coat your Brazilian hair, use the comb to comb the Brazilian hair until you are sure the color have been evenly distributed across where you want it to be.

Cover the hair

After applying the dye, use the aluminum foil to cover the hair for the period of time required for the specified color.

Rinse off the excess with warm water

Rinse the excess hair color from the Brazilian hair. In order to ensure that you remove the excess color faster, use warm water to remove them.

Apply the hair conditioner

After the excess dye has been removed, shampoo the extension and then apply hair conditioner to ensure the hair is straightened.

Rinse off with cold water

After applying the conditioner to the colored hair, rinse the conditioner with cold water. By rinsing the hair with cold water, it will give your hair a shiny look and it will also seal the coloring of the hair.

Finally, Air drying the Brazilian hair is the next step.

 The reason why air drying is important is to make it look shiner and to preserve moisture. A diffuser or a blow drier can be used to dry the extensions in order the speed up the process.

After the process, your hair must be completely dry and dyed to match your desired color.

I am sure you understand how to dry Brazilian hair black and how to dye Brazilian hair blonde. 


If you will be dying your Brazilian hair to black, all you need to do is use the black color and if you want your Brazilian hair dyed blonde then gold is the color.

Bottom line; If you will love to dye your hair to other colors, all you need to do is to use the color of your choice instead of Gold or Black. 

You will now have a new hair color that will make you feel unique and fabulous.

I hope this article has been helpful, if you want to learn more about 'wholesale Brazilian hair', click the link to learn if you can boil Brazilian hair.

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