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After a long time using virgin hair, but unavoidable, it become tangle and matted. One of effective way is to bring back old weave by boiling it. So can you boil Brazilian hair?(Another effective way is to buy new Brazilian hair. Meir Hair provides wholesale Brazilian hair OEM service, if you are looking for opportunity to start you hair business, Meir Hair would be a great choice.)

When people hear that I suggest them to boil their Brazilian hair, they are quite astonished at this method. Hereby Tophairbuy will show you the Concrete Steps about boiling human black straight hair bundles.

crazy matted hair

Preparation: boiling water, a bigger pot for safety, spoon, tongs, olive oil, comb, and high quality conditioner.

Step 1: comb your hair in case of tangles. AS the water begins to boil, put a little dab or so of olive into the water, mixing the oil around with a spoon. When the water is boiling, break the bubbles up and continue to stir the oil. Next, take some conditioner into the water and you will see the water is becoming milk white. If you want your hair to become softer, you can add more to it.

Step 2: After about 2 minutes left ,turn the heat down and put your first bundle in, then the second bundle, the third bundles…The boiling hair progress need about 110-15 minutes or less depending on your preference.

boiling hair

Step 3: Turn off the heat and take out hair bundles with tongs or you can let hair stay in water until safe to handle, find a towel placed up against. It has steams smoke and leaves it alone for about 5 minutes. Brush hair out and it came out with beautiful soft texture.

straight hair

However, curly wave hair such as loose wave brazilian hair styles can also apply to the above boiling method. The only difference is that you need to have curlers warped your hair dulling boiling.  
Interestingly, you may feel like cooking when you heat the boiling, but it come out of your silky Wholesale Brazilian hair instead of delicious food. Before giving up your matted hair, why not give it a try and revive old hair extension by boiling it.

And Lastly, don't forget to check out other blog that we wrote, it's about 'sharpie hair dye'.

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