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I'm going to be teaching you how to bleach the knob on your wholesale lace closure and wholesale lace frontals. Wholesale lace frontal closures are the 4 by 4 closures and use a lace front.

It has some nice pre-made baby hair, but it also has the black dots that look like ants in the party.

So to start our process of us bleaching our knots we're going to be needing some powder which is from Clairol.

1. We can take b/w powder. It's a spatula or some utensil to mix everything around

2. Apply it with you can use a makeup brush and it works just a bleaching powder it

3. Comes with a little cup, took about four and a half to five scoops of powder if you are doing a closure or fronting you

4. Definitely would use much less but make sure that cover both of these and your next step is going to be to choose a developer

5. Can use a thirty-volume cream developer here as well as a 40 volume cream developer

6. The 40 volume is what we are going to go with today because it's going to bleach the knife a little bit faster

7. Gradually but you just kind of want to make it look like cake better as you can. So today let me make a little bit more, so I'm going to have a bit more you do not want to make it too thin

8. Don't run through your closure and onto your actual hair so when it's thick like this like cake batter

9.  It doesn't move; this is the perfect consistency to make sure that it's not runny and it does not go through the lace

10. I've also prepped two large pieces of foil so let's get started I'm going to start with my closure first

11. if you have flyaways or baby hair you want to take and lightly spray it down and use a brush or a comb a clean brush or comb to land all the flyaways now

12.Because you don't want them to bleach, you can lay it on the foil so that it'll be easy to have it already there

13. And as you can see the product is so thick that it's not just going to drop onto the closure which is  how we want it and you want to dab it on there

14. So this is  what it should look like nothing special you want to make sure that you cover the entire lace area

15. I'm no Picasso I'm a lefty, so I do everything a little bit messy, so if I can do this you can do this too

16. You want to make sure that you get the very front of it

17. So that you don't have any uh black dots left on your hairline because it's easy to forget to do that and then you also want to take it all the way around

18.  If you just wanted to have it done in like a specific area you could do that and not do the whole thing

19. I'll show you that with the frontal but for now we're going to take and we're going to let this process

20. So now we're going to do the frontal, it is a 13 inch by 14-inch frontal, so we do have a lot more space to cover but first

21. Let's do that process of making the baby hair I'll go in the same direction

22. Because this does have baby hair that goes oppositely and I'm just going to spray the hair down

23. The hairline down just a little bit

24. That way I don't have to worry about the far away's getting bleached

25. So as I was saying before a lot of you may only utilize a specific area of the lathe

26. For example if you only do a middle part you can bleach only the area that you're going to use

27. I want to utilize my entire lace closure, so I'm going to proceed to bleach the entire thing I did you four to five scoops of my b/w bleaching powder as you can see I used all of it

28. As well as the corresponding developer so now that's done

29. I'm going to cover this up I wrapped them both in foil lightly

30.  I don't press the foil against it I just wanted to be able to process the right way, and I let this sit for about 25 minutes

31. The lace closure did five minutes ahead of time

33. So after 25 minutes I check, and I see the progress, and if it's not ready I will go for another 10 minutes

34. If it's still not ready I will keep checking it about every 5 minutes, and so I can see through the lace that all of the knots or bleached and then from there we will shampoo

35. So it's about 35 minutes later, and my closers should be done I let's check this one is my closure should be done

36.  I go through the hair, and I see if the blood if the dots are bleached and mine aren't bleached

37.  I don't know if you can see that, but there are no black dots, so I'm going to go ahead and rinse this

38. So now we'll walk top off and leach off of it I'm going to shampoo

39.  But first I will show you what it looks like I don't know if you can see that, but this is what it looks like now

40.  So basically it looks like yeah so the first shampoo I'm going to use is

41. This neutralizing shampoo and conditioner and it's by sales, and it is supposed to be able to stop

42. The bleach from working, so that's the main reason. I'm going to use this is because even though I took all of the bleach off of here

43. There may be some left behind maybe just some residue, and I want to make sure that there's  anything left

44. It'll stop working that way my closure will not end up over-processed can I take a generous amount

45. I'm going to go one more time I'm going to let this one sit while I work on the other and you can see through this closure, and you can see through this closure

46. That the throughout the party it just looks natural and scalp like you will be able to pull up out some of the hair if it is too dense for you

47. For the most part, it is very natural and scalp like so that's what it looks like

48. So I'm going to do the same thing I'm going to take my eye supplies neutralizing shampoo and conditioner, and I'm going to wash it twice

49. Okay so the next step is your watch summer light shampoo this is going to take away any breasts you see

50. You may see in the hair or the closure, and usually, this will help get rid of some of that one genius that you will get in your lace

51. After you've bleached the nuts as you can see it has a gorgeous purple color and this is going to take away all of that orange Enos when that brassiness

52. It's going to click away all of that orange tone and the brassiness that you kind of sometimes see in your closures can you leave some nuts

53. I would not skip out on this step, because even you think that you're okay give some time to get that orange cap

54. And it doesn't look good, so this is going to help to make sure that we don't have that problem

55. We're going to add the purple shampoo to keep in mind that I did demonstrate a wholesale lace frontal closure here.

56. So if it seems like I did a lot of steps, it's because I was doing two things at once, but all the steps are a key major key

57. Look at that that's why you want to do it all these steps is because you get that kind of result flawless

58. Also deep condition your hair on your website along with the bundles after I dye the hair black, so that is how I bleach my nuts on my closures and my frontals

body wave middle part lace closure

I hope that this article was helpful for you guys. And if you want to learn more, check out our article about 'boil hair'.

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