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In our daily leisure time, we girls prefer to change ourselves and get satisfaction from the small joys in life. As for hair, we want curly when it is straight and the reverse is also the case. So can you perm wholesale virgin Brazilian hair by yourselves?

For perming brazilian hair, we advise you to choose only 100 percent virgin hair rather than synthetic extension. Synthetic extension will experience the second damage if we perm them with heat tool, and it kills you that you hair become a mess after having curly perm.

loose wave brazilian hair

As this technique is a home version, we choose a cheap, fast way to perm hair. The principle just likes to boil your hair with hot water. Last time we apply this method to revive your old hair extension, now we go on the next step: perm your Brazilian hair with hot water.

Preparation: hair extension, perm rods, wide toothed comb, conditioner.

First of all, brush your hair in case of tangle. Wrap your hair extensions in a perm rod. If you want a loose wave human hair shape, use a big size green rods, otherwise, small rod is suitable for tight and kinky curls like deep wave wavy virgin hair such as red, yellow, mauve and blue rods.

Then add water to the pots and set fire to it. When the water is boiling, put your hair into the pot. At this point, you can add some conditioner or olive oil to your hair. remove your hair and take out the hair before the water is getting cool.

deep wave brazilian hair

Finally, let your hair dry by air and take out the perm robs. As you can see, your hair is shinny than before. What is more, its curly wave makes it look flourishing. Comb out the hair with wide tooth comb.
Keep in mind that this boiling method is apply to natural virgin hair extensions. If your hair has color, you can choose another way to perm it otherwise it may have color fade. However, it is a safety, effective way to perm hair of your choice. And lastly, do you know that you can boil you raw Brazilian hair too, clik 'Wholesale Brazilian hair' to learn more.

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