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Will Hair Extensions Lead To Hair Loss and Baldness ?

Hair loss is a common occurrence, and with age both men and women will be affected. Baldness can have a major impact on a person's life. This can lead to loss of confidence, which can lead to low self-esteem and pain. Sometimes bald spots can be hidden by hair extensions. But using certain styling techniques, especially not following the correct procedures, can in turn lead to hair loss. In this article, we will look at the factors that can cause hair loss and how to avoid damage to the scalp when using a wig.

Common causes of hair loss

Heredity and aging are the two most common causes of baldness. The hair usually thins and falls to the front of the head. They also work with other factors to cause bald spots, including:

  • Nutrition: The follicles are mainly composed of protein substances. A lack of protein in the diet will cause the hair follicles to enter the resting phase and the hair loss will begin to fall. Low levels of vitamins can also affect healthy follicle growth.
  • Drug treatment: Chemotherapy and other treatments can affect certain biological functions. Normally the hair loss spreads throughout the body and after the drug is stopped it usually grows back.
  • Hormones: Hormones cause hair loss in several ways. Abnormal hormone levels can interfere with your biological system. Some people are genetically sensitive to certain hormones. In addition, thyroid problems can cause imbalances in the body.
  • Emotional trauma: Severe mental pain can also trigger a condition called telogen alopecia. The hair follicle enters the resting phase. The hair follicles start to fall out and you may notice that your hair is thinning.Will hair extension cause hair loss?

The bald spots or thinning hair that you noticed recently is caused by hair extensions, depending on some factors. Some people have a hard scalp, while for others even slight marks can irritate them.


Even if the turban or turban is too tight, it can lead to loss of hair follicles. Tension on the scalp forces your body to react to perceived threats. This reaction takes the form of inflammation, which releases chemicals such as histamine and prostaglandins. These chemicals can cause swelling, which can damage the scalp.


When the injury is caused by stress, it is important to release stress from the scalp as soon as possible. As long as you give it time, the hair follicles can heal naturally. In addition, your hair extensions should not be too tight. You can also give your scalp time to breathe before performing the strap extension again.

Prevent hair loss and damage to hair follicles

If the stylist avoids some common mistakes, it is safe to use hair extensions. Human hair fixed with duct tape does not put a lot of pressure on the scalp. Weft extension distributes tension more evenly. However, your stylist should be careful when removing them, as pulling them can damage the roots of the hair follicles.


You also need separate hair extensions to correct thinning and bald spots. As we have seen previously, there are many factors that can cause baldness. Hormonal changes, medications, and stress are common culprits. The dermatologist should check for persistent hair loss.


In fact, some problems are temporary, and professional stylists can use a variety of techniques to resolve them. Styling can hide some bald areas on the scalp without using the technique of applying weight.


Most professional stylists who work in any reputable hair extension salon are trained to choose the right hair extension for your scalp. They will alert you when they notice skin and scalp issues that can cause thinning and bald spots.
In conclusion


When you need to enlarge, consider consulting a professional stylist. Professionals may be able to provide you with a harmless connection and a stylist who is right for you. Recommendations on the last aspects of the hair.

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