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Many enthusiasts often buy hair braiding extensions to build their own hair styles or for their own hair business, but in fact many people do not know the hair deal they buy. Online, you will see it is beautiful from the website you visit, and you choose the one you like, and then buy it without knowing the difference between them, So Knowing the hair grade will help you decide which one is best for your hair business. So on the market, we can define as: low-class market, middle-class market, and high-end market. Different markets require different hair grades, which means people buy which grade hair from you.


Meir hair factory is a responsible hair vendors provides services to more than 1,000 customers every year, and many customers they are not know what is the difference to the hair grades and the hair quality, they will ask us to explain the differences in hair of different grades. On this page, you will know what is the difference, and this will be help your hair business or you want to start the hair business. We are the Meir hair factory, we supply for 9A, 10A, and 12A, this is belong to the middle-class market, and high-end market. Our 12A is supply to the high end hair salon, and high end hair customers, it is the raw hair quality, and the 9A and 10A is the middle-class market. 10A is thicker than 9A. This grade is define by Meir hair factory.


Grade 9A and 10a virgin hair is 100% human hair, does not contain any synthetic mixed hair, and can be dyed to 27# color. 


10A is thicker than 9A at the bottom of hair, which means there are fewer short hairs mixed in the hair strands.


(Note: If you want to dye your hair, please make sure you are good at dyeing, otherwise you will fail to dye your hair regardless of your hair grade). The life expectancy of grade 9a and 10a is about 12-18 months, with appropriate detailed care. It is suitable for the middle-class market and also Hot selling in the hair market. Therefore, if you don't know what grade hair you sell on your market, 10a is the best choice.




12A Hair grade it is the raw unprocessed hair quality, can bleach any color, including pure 613 blonde color, or the pure 60 color, this one is supply in the high end hair


market, like the high-end hair salon, high-end hair shop. 

color chart for human hair

important points:
9A, 10A, 12A, all of our hair is not tangled, not shedding, all these are the good quality, these 3 grades suitable for different customers and markets.
The above information is defined by Meir Hair Factory CEO and  our hair products description.

Different companies have different quality standards to define with their different hair grades. 

As we said before, there are too many hair factories in China, the price range much different with same grade. That is because some one regard low-quality hair as high-grade hair. For example, some companies named their 7a hair as 10a hair, or even 12a grade hair. 

Therefore, we cannot judge hair quality based on the hair grades, we should test the hair quality first.


human hair color chart

Now lets go over our hair grade system:

9A: Virgin hair, cuticle towards the same direction.

10A: Virgin hair, cuticle towards the same direction, Thicker hair than 9A at the bottom.

12A: Raw Virgin human, single dornor, can bleach any color. long lasting over 3 years.

Meir hair factory's popular 9A 10A 12A virgin hair extensions have different textures, lengths and colors. 

If you want to test the sample, please contact our sales department to take. 

We supply free sample to test.


raw hair wholesale

virgin hair hot selling





difference between 10a and 12a hair


With the rapidly-growing reputation of virgin human hair, customers are seeing an growing quantity of options in the market. In this article, we will cowl the variations between the 10A and 12A grades of hair.


10A-grade premium virgin hair is the best choice for those looking for top quality hair.  It is a super preference for these searching for the pleasant bang for their buck. This grade of hair affords a herbal texture as nicely as beneficiant quantities of volume, each of which are superb for styling. 



Like different grades, it comes with quite a number distinctive textures such as straight, physique wave, sea wave, unfastened wave, deep wave, jerry curl and more. It is commonly endorsed that these searching for hair lengths in extra of 18 inches buy 10A or above, as decrease grades begin turning into drastically extra hard to control previous this factor due to the misalignment of cuticles in decrease grade hair.


You choose for hair extensions that are one hundred percent herbal and of excessive quality. However, that brings us again to our query – what is 12a grade hair?


Well, 12A grade hair is one of the quality features of hair that you will ever get.


12A grade top class virgin hair is the great desire for these searching for pinnacle first-class hair. In addition to having all the characteristics of 9a, 10A, this a hundred percent virgin human additionally has the brought advantage of being totally free of any chemical treatment. 12A is viewed to be very excessive fantastic and can be straightened, curled, coloured . With the perfect care, 12A grade top class hair can ultimate up to two years. 


Though the hair may additionally appear high-priced at first, investing in a 12A bundle is one of the best methods to alleviate the difficulties precipitated later down the avenue from decrease grades of hair. This 12A top class hair actually provides extent to the seem to be you wanted. It is amazing for styling and retaining a coiffure like your very own hair. If you are any individual who wears your hair in distinct patterns and needs your hair to final a lengthy time, 12A top class hair is simply the one to get.








Why choose Meirhair Hair 12A Hair Bundles ?


12A grade hair is unadulterated one benefactor, exceptionally solid and sound crude hair, looks gorgerous wash after wash,full fingernail skin, no shed no knot, the shading will be minimal brown, can blanched to any tone and extremely lovely. 12A is single giver hair, trim from little youngster, simple to restyle, dye and color, can most recent 4 years at any rate. It is extravagance hair. It is generally excellent for clients who need to utilize hair for incredibly significant time-frame.


Why Pick meirhair 10A virgin mink hair?


10A blend 1-2 givers, comparative thickness as unadulterated contributor hair,some clients care it great can last longer,cheaper costs with better thickness and delicate and smooth. The hair shading will be hazier than 12A hair pack. The cost is truly sensible, so it's exceptionally famous and consistently get great inputs, clients will go gaga for it once they contact the hair. Can use for quite some time in any event.


Why choose meirhair 9A Hair bundles ?


9A is blend 2-3 individuals hair, well known in most countries,can be colored the vast majority of tones with good cost. 9A is the equivalent qualtiy as 10A grade hair, the thing that matters is 10A grade hair is thicker. Generally excellent for clients would prefer not to pay much yet at the same time need great hair. All grade are 100% human hair.


Why Start Hair Business With Meir Hair?


1. Outsourcing administration without stock


2. Have own production line with cutthroat cost


3. Have enormous stock with various types hair groups and hairpiece and eyelash


4. Little request to bring down your invest&inventory strain to test market respond


5. Guarantee the nature of test request is equivalent to ordinary request




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