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Today our topic is why do your brazilian hair tangle. If you are a fan of hair extension who has installed hair extension for several times, the common thing you find out is that over time they lose its shininess as its original appearance. It becomes matting and so unmanageable, which make you really frustrated. You have tried many hair products, hair masks even specific hair treatment but they don’t work or bring the hair to life. Why?

brazilian hair deep wave

1. Virgin hair or synthetic hair? As we know, synthetic hair is made of fine plastic fibers which are composed of low-grade acrylic. And it is also less durable than human hair. When you choose synthetic hair in terms of its cheap price, you may feel frustrated as it turns into a mass after 2 months.

2. Lack of daily maintains. Daily maintains include different aspects, here are several key points. Have you washed your hair extension once a week? Have you wore swimming cap when go swimming? Have you air dry your hair before going to bed? Have you chosen the right hair products for you unique hair? If you say “no”, I afraid that you need to treat your hair extension well from now on.

3. Have no nutrition from you. It is obviously that our own natural hair can obtain essential nutrition from our body, so we need a balanced healthy diet. However, hair extension is donated from single people and stop drawing nutrition. That is why we need to take care of our hair extension.

brazilian hair body wave

When your hair become tangle horribly and can't wear them, just take them up and find effective way to rescue them. Try to change your virgin straight hair into curly hair, then ombre hair. After experience a serious changing, you may feel out your hair has played it role effectively.

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