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I installed my Brazilian hair extension 3 months ago. As the time going on, I obviously think my hair looks matted and tangle, which confuse me that why does Brazilian hair tangle?

Since I am the first time to wear hair extension, I don’t have too much experience in dealing my hair. Apart from adding conditioner to my hair, every day when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I must to do is to brush my brazilian body wave hair. However, I have the same habit before going to bed. As for me, it is a good way to avoid tangle.

brazilian hair wavy

I admitted that at first, I was really satisfied with my hair extension because it adds volume to my thin hair. As the time going on, it loses shiny and smooth and doesn’t glossy anymore. I was really annoyed about my hair change. Finally one day I cannot stand it and decided to change the current situation.

I asked my seller whether she cheated me by selling me fake products. What I need is the human virgin hair instead of synthetic one. My seller was surprised at my review and contacted me at once. After knowing my situation, she advises me to improve my hair extension from the several aspects:

1. Wear a swim cup when you swimming. I am a swimming lover so I always join in the outdoor activities such as swimming. However, I do not know how to protect my hair from exposing under sun and soaking it with swimming pool water. OK, I get the first reason why does my Brazilian hair tangle.

wear swimming cap

2. Let your hair extension dry by air as much as possible. I am a time-conscious people so I always use blow dryer to blow my hair. However, according to my Aftersales consultant, it does damage my hair since hair should avoid any heat products including blow dryer.

3. Bruch your hair with suitable combs. My Aftersales consultant seems have not too much controversy about the number of times I brush my hair, but she advise me to use a loop brush to comb my hair gently. As a warm tip, she reminds me to have no more than two brushes one day in case of shedding.

Thanks to my hair aftersales consultant, I know more tips and tricks about how to prevent my hair from tangle. I am sure that my smooth, shiny hair will come back through my daily care maintenance.

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