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There are many types of hair weave pattern available. Brazilian can be divided into body wave, loose wave, deep wave and kinky curly wave hair extension. As for me, I am fond of body wave hairstyle for its unique beauty brings to me.

body wave hairstyle

Brizilian body wave hair has well-defined wave with a slight "s" pattern, it can perfectly flatter your face no matter which types of your hair shape.
Round face—People seem to be lively and childish with round face. It is better not to match your round face with a mess long hair. Otherwise, it can be worn polished and cute if you wear body wave hair extension.
Long face—a pretty unprocessed body wave hair is suitable for girls who want to have neat bangs. Coving the eyebrows, your new hair style is a good way to add hair fullness.
Square face—this face shape is not welcomed by girls as it has cleared overall angular. Body wave hair is also incredibly flattering for most face shape for its slimming effect and edgy look.
Triangle face—also called "pear shaped face". Constantly, straight hair may leave others impression that you have an asymmetrical, big face. Body wave hair is recommended to people who have triangle face instead of straight hair.

However, voluminous body wave hair saves your time on maintenance. There are 3 steps to helps you manage your body wave hair.
The first step is to bend down to head down, upside down hair, grasp the hair by hand as a comb.
The second step is to stand up, with the fingers from the middle of the forehead hairline to the back comb, to make the separation line of naturally formed, also can make the head part of the hair fluffy, soft instead of collapse. This action can be repeated slowly.
The third step is to put two hands to the ear, gently lift the hair behind and do the final finishing.

If you can’t grow your hair long, hair extension is the great way to achieve the possible. Furthermore, body wave hair extension will provide length and volume to your curls.

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