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Where To Buy Wholesale Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are hair pieces which you can add to your natural hair to get extra length or chang appearance. It can be added in many ways - Weaves (sew in), Clip-in, Tape in or Micro ring etc. Wholesale hair extensions can be bought in variety of lengths or colors depend on you need. They can be made of raw human hair or synthetic hair.


Virgin natural hair extensions are the best quality (and more expensive than synthetic, of course) as the cuticle of the human hair is aligned and all the hair has the same direction, giving it the most natural look, it also can last over 1-2 years like hair bundles. If you are tight on your budget or just need a short time to use hair extensions, then buy synthetic hair from wholesale hair extensions suppliers are a cheaper option. But they can not heat styling and tangle.


The advantages of wholesale hair extensions: 


1.Fast and convenient

Hair extensions are easy to use, you can clip hair in and out in just a few minutes!


2. Color and hair styling

You can dye, bleach, perm, curl, etc. hair extension wholesale products. It is a good choice to choose a style that meets your needs.



If you experience hair loss or difficulty in natural hair growth, hair extensions can help you extens your hair again without hindering natural hair growth.

If you want to change the appearance and add curls, body wave hair, or bright color or ombre color and other hair styles or colors, but don't want to destroy the natural hair, you can try it by hair extension.




 The hair extension can be evenly distributed on most areas of the head, which can reduce the pressure on the head, and you will not feel heavy and uncomfortable. And it is easy to remove when you are not using it. So it is also importantr to choose a good wholesale hair extension suppliers and get the hair dropship.


Some people may ask what is the best hair extension for me? The best hair extensions like virgin hair extensions and raw human hair extensions are those that blend perfectly with your hair and suit your lifestyle. For example, if you often bathe, dance, exercise, swim or exercise frequently. You'd better choose a hair extension product that suits yo, because you can easily take it off without spending a lot of time, so that you will not waste your active time and will not cause damage to your hair. It can also make your hair extension last longer.


By the way, The lifespan of hair extension depend on the hair care and quality. After using the product, take care of it regularly so that it can last from 6 months to a year or even longer. Quality is also one of the decisive factors for the lifespan of hair extensions. There is definitely a difference between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extension, so you need to buy human hair extensions.



How to use your hair extensions longer

Remember to brush your hair extensions out with a loop brush

While you’re wearing them and after taking them out, it’s an honest shout to brush them through from the ends upwards to get rid of any tangles. this may help to stop damage and keep them within the best condition for extended . Just confirm to carry the hair underneath the clips or during a pony at the nape of your neck to stop pulling on them while you’re brushing. We’d also recommend learning a loop brush as it’s super gentle. The looped bristles won’t snag or get caught on your hair, making it less damaging than a traditional brush.

Silicone Spritz

This product is employed by hair extension manufacturers after the dying process to form the hair super soft and glossy and you'll use it as a top up treatment too. Silicone spray can add a layer of coating to wigs, making them softer, preventing knotting and protecting hair from UV rays. This is often an excellent intensive treatment though, so you won’t got to do that everyday but monthly or few months counting on how often you wear them. All you would like to try to to is rub alittle amount on your hands then run it through the lengths, ensuring you coat the hair evenly. After leaving the merchandise to soak up overnight, straighten your set within the morning to lock in the moisture and complete the treatment.

Keep heat styling to a minimum and use heat protectants

We totally get that you simply want to heat style your extensions but changing up your look a couple of times each day or choosing the very best temperatures to use your styling tools will only serve to dry them out. Once you do reach for the curling wand, just confirm to use a thermal heat protectant and therefore the lowest temperature setting possible. You’ll probably find that hair extensions need tons less heat than your natural hair too, so you don’t got to hold styling tools on for quite as long.

Don’t sleep or workout in them

The most important rule of clip-in extensions isn't to wear them to bed. This is because all turning and movement during sleep may make the clip of the wig taut and pull out the weft yarn, and cause knotting. The weft can also damage your own hair when knotted. Take them out before bed and store them in their box to form sure you both have an honest night's sleep. Remenber don’t wear your hair extensions to the gym either! All the sweat from your head will do them no favours and you’ll even be putting strain on the wefts, so it’s best to avoid understanding in them too.

Meri hair wholesale hair extensions manufacturers supply, i tip hair, u tip hair, top human hair extensions and wigs wholesale for your option. You can custom any texture and colors you need from hair extensions wholesaler. All the hair extensions are good quality with wholesale price to help our client get more profits. We hope you found the following pointers super helpful which you’re feeling far more clued abreast of taking care of your hair extensions.



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