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There are many kinds of human hair in the market, including wholesale Malaysian Hair, wholesale Indian Hair. Wholesale Peruvian Hair, wholesale Brazilian hair, etc. But do you know where does Brazilian hair come from exactly?

When I was a kid, I could hear someone voiced out “it is collecting hair now” at the street. At that time, I was very curious about the words “collect hair”. When I grow up ,I came to realize that it is one of the answer of question “where do human hair come from.

brazilian hair straight extension

There is no doubt that Human hair is donated by woman have long hair. Unlike synthetic hair composing of plastic fibers, low-grade acrylic, Brazilian hair is shinny and healthy. Our Brazilian hair refers to no chemical treatment of wigs, collecting from one donor in Brazil.

On the one hand, People who want to donate their hair for the money after all. A healthy smooth hair can sell at a good price, and they can grow back their hair after several months. That is the same progress as what I had experienced in my childhood. But our Brazilian hair comes from Brazilians. On the other hand, a portion of human hair comes from salon. When people have their long hair cut, their hair will be picked up. People clean it and trim it cleans it as being from a higher-quality hair extension or wigs.

cut for brazilian hair extension

Virgin hair provides styling versatility just like your natural hair. It is popular among black woman. If you want to have a smooth and black hair extension, brazilian hair extension is a good option. Just think about it. As a vendor of hair extension, we must know the source if we are tend to provide our customer high quality products. In the same way, only when we fully understand the hair extension we install, can we use them without doubt. So can you have a general conception about the source of Brazilian hair?

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