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In our life, there are someone that feels tired of going to salon to have hair care and maintenance. It does cost your money and time. What is more, black girls need to wear wholesale hair extension in order to get ideal hair style. For people who don’t want too wear other’s hair as extension, they choose natural hair transition.

As a matter of fact, Natural hair transition is a big plan. Once you determine to make it, you are supposed to make details schedule.

natural hair

Have deep condition to your every strand
People always struggle with their dry hair. First of all we need to understand a principle of dry hair. We relax our hair and it shows curly and frizzy. As we know, hair oil go straight from scrap to hair root easily on straight hair compared to curly hair. At this time, ask your stylist which hair products are suitable for you and effectively moisturize your hair to keep it healthy. Having regular washing and conditioning plan is significant.

natural hair transition

Accept your natural look and learn tips and tricks to change outlook
Adjust yourself to new look and learn to accept it. It doesn’t look much worse if you try to appreciate your natural hair. To create a more acceptable look, a low manipulation hair style can operate on your hair. No matter what styling methods you choose, strain on hair should be kept to as less as possible. As for new growth hair, using a scarf to hide or some clips to decorate hair is a good alternative. If you don’t know how to braid by yourself, youtube may be your good friend.

And how long the transitioning process will take will depend on the current length and hair type of your hair. If you are not ready to have natural hair transition, you should make clear that whether you have enough courage to face your natural hair. When you make, just do it.

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