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In summer, our hair is getting easily fizzy and dry. However, I have long straight hair and it gets frizzy now. Before about a half year, I installed a hair extension. I think my hair is as mass as weeds which need to change. Most importantly, I would like to turn into smooth straight hair as before.

After knowing my hair situation and discussing with my hair stylists, my stylist admitted my hair is not that worst as what I though, and he suggested me to blowout my brazilian hair. According to his Instruction, I can make it at home by myself.

blow out brazilian hair

1. You can proceed to brush your hair to detangle after it washed and conditioned. Dulling the process, a powder brush is recommended for the front of hair. Next, remember to spray hair with a little bit of condition product to protect your hair from the heat. In order to have a good management of your hair, it is suggested that the he section not wider than the width of your brush.

2. with a medium-sized natural classic round brush, turn on the blow dryer, keeping your hair straight and it really takes your time as well as patience. As for the top place in hair where can get frizzy easily, we can add more hair care oil to it and blow it at the same direction. You can wrap the hair over the brush, pulling it forward or up and use blow dryer to blow the hair on the brush.

3. Adding oil to your hair and have finger brush, which makes your hair into a natural look.

blowout long hair

When your hair is really damaged, it may doesn’t work well on. You may need to start deep conditioning, get a fresh trim and use the right products. After all, Blowing out hair can’t be permanent straight wave, but at least 3 months depending on how you care. The classic round brush technique that works on all hair types. As you can see, my hair is healthy and super shinny.  Lastly, don't forget to check out Meir Hair's Last wholesale Brazilian hair, the same method work for these hair too.

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