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As for a question like “how to install hair extension”, people have their own preference and choices. Now we would like to talk something about versatile sew-in.

In our daily time, have you ever met the following situations? You get mad when your new hairstylists make you an unbalanced hair; you feel tired of your hair style and want to have a bang, you are upset about your head shape defect. In short, we are not satisfied with our hair style. Well, apart from being sad, we can do something else. When you go to the hair salon and told your hair stylist your story, they will recommend you to have a versatile sew-in.

braid against the scalp

Simply, sew-in skill refers to Brazilian hair extension or hair closure. You can choose either synthetic or natural hair products. In case of tangle or damage to your natural hair, wholesale human hair extension is recommended. You can cover your hair with hair products on the whole or half of the head. Tell your stylish your ideas they can give you their professional suggestion.

versatile sew in hair extension

Dulling the sew-in progress, hide away the wave track and do a side part away in the place you like. As you can see, it has fewer tangles in the top of the head than before because it covers more hair. Comb out a place to have braid against the scalp and sew your braid with the shape of “#”, which has no thread no bumps horizontally and vertically. If you are installing a hair closure, sew your hair along with the braids; if you are wearing hair extension, remember to have fewer layers for the back if you have different thickness hair extension. No matter what kinds of hair products you are, make sure your sew-in progress is comfortable but not easy to get loose.

Versatile sew-in is popular among black woman. It can save your money and offer you hairstyle you want. What do you think about it? Difference type of hair style please refer this article: Brazilian hair styles.

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