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When people want to purchase our hair products, they will always confirm if products are unprocessed hair or process hair. Most of the time, they prefer the front one. So what does unprocessed hair mean?

Conception: collected by a single donor, unprocessed hair has been not treated or prepared by a special process like chemically treat and remain its cuticles intact. On the contrary, process hair refers to hair has been chemically treats for appearing in a certain way, such as body wave, yaki hair, and curly hair. However, it is hard to judge which is superior between unprocessed hair and process hair. Similarly, in our daily time, we sometimes will buy food or fruit which has been processed for an attractive good looking. Nevertheless, it is refresh even damage to our health.

brazilian loose wave hair

Comparison: On the one hand, virgin hair has less damage to your natural hair. It is not easy to cause frizzy with your natural hair. It can be dyed, permed, curled because of its softness and raw material. On the other hand, unprocessed hair is more expensive than process one. However, unprocessed hair is cost-effective in terms of life spam and maintenance fee.

unprocessed brazilian hair wholesale

If you told friends you are fortunate in buying a cheap Brazilian virgin hair with exclusive pattern, I am afraid you are wrong. First, unprocessed hair will cost you more money, as it have a longer life span than process hair. Second, unprocessed straight hair is regards as the original Brazilian virgin hair has no extra pattern. However, the longer time you use process hair extension, the more tangle strands you will find. At that time, you may realize the real feature of your product.

To know about difference and feathers about various hair products helps you buy what you want. No matter what kinds of hair product you choose, just enjoy it, shake it, and treat it like your own. 

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