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Virgin Hair Weave: Which type of human hair is the best for you?

Women can choose various styles of hair braiding and hair extension.


How do you determine which type of weave is right for you? Do you want to know which of all hair types is best for you?


Indeed, for women who want to lengthen their hair or immediately increase their natural hair quality, the braiding and extension of their hair is a wonderful method.


Hope this article will help you determine which hair type is best for you.


Virgin Hair Guide: TOP 4 HAIR TYPE

There are many types of braided hair. Black women have various hair textures. Fortunately, various textures and weave types can be adapted to almost any texture.


The most popular types of weaving are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian.


Each type of human hair has a specific texture and has a variety of wavy shapes, including straight, bodywave, deep wave or deep curly and so on. Let's talk about:

Brazilian Hair

◆Brazil Virgin hair is one of the most popular hair types in the world. The hair is very soft, long-lasting and thick.


◆Virgin Remy Brazilians do not have chemical substances or hair discoloration, and all epidermis maintains the original healthy state. The direction of the epidermis of all hairs is the same, so they will not be tangled.

   Brazilian hair body wave


◆ This texture of hair is very luxurious, very soft, with a lot of body and natural luster. This kind of hair can also keep frizz well.


◆Brazil moderate hair has low to moderate gloss and natural density, and requires less hair bundle to make the hair look more complete. My favorite hair type is Brazilian curly hair.

Peruvian Hair

◆Peruvian Virgin hair is a versatile hair. The hair type is extremely thick, light, soft and luxurious. This kind of hair needs less hair to have a strong and full appearance.


◆Although Peruvian hair is thicker than Malaysian or Brazilian hair, it can also blend well with most hair textures. This is also a highly recommended option. If you want to know how to blend natural hair with braiding.

 Malaysian Hair

◆Malaysian virgin hair is heavier, thicker, softer, silkier than Indian hair, and has a natural luster that is extremely luxurious.

◆Hair has many different textures, including: straight hair, wavy and curly hair. The original Malaysian Remy hair is still thick, soft and versatile, giving the sweet lady the style she needs.


◆This hair is blended with African American hair, the curl will last for a whole day, and will not slack or fall, and does not require any hair care products to maintain the styling.


Indian Hair


◆ Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely used hair types on the market, and hair is the best choice for long-lasting natural long hair.


◆This hair is versatile, natural silky and shiny, with straight hair, curly hair, fluffy waves, natural waves, body waves and deep wave texture, without any chemical treatment to achieve a specific style.

Indian Virgin's hair density is very high, and has a feeling of flick. This makes it easy to curl and shape. With textures ranging from silk to rough, Indian virgin hair is ideal, if you like versatile and flexible hair.


◆ Very suitable for all hair types, Indian hair has always been a strong competitor of the best hair today. Indian hair is a popular choice because its texture and color easily match many ethnicities, especially loose African American hair.


These are different types of hair extension explained. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below! If you have other questions, pls fell free to control us on our website, thanks.


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