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Various Hair Extension Skills And Their Functions

It is said that a good hairstyle can rejuvenate a five-year-old woman. With that in mind, it's no surprise that most women change their hairstyle around 150 times in their lifetime. Therefore, personal hair extension is one of the most important facelifts. In addition to understanding the different brands and types available at hair extension salons, it is also important to understand the method of each application. Which technology you choose will depend on factors such as budget, preferences, and lifestyle.


The technology of connecting a single receiver and send can be divided into two categories:

  • Strand-by-strand techniques: these include micro-bonding, gluing and knotting.
  • Wafted Panels technology: including introduction, stitching and gluing

Action by action

The strand-by-strand technique involves the use of adhesives to join two to three dozen hairs together. Gathering hair using this technique is often referred to as keratin extension. Keratin glue uses a heat gun or a pair of special clips to fuse the strands together.


When you buy hair extensions, the number of strands of hair you need depends on the application. For bonding technology using keratin glue, you will need up to 150 strands for batch application. If you want to increase the length, you need about 300 hairs.


The time required to apply a single blot is one of the drawbacks of the strand-by-strand method. A good stylist should finish it in two or three hours, while an inexperienced stylist may need four to six hours. However, with proper maintenance, expansion can be sustained. Some of the main technologies and their advantages are:

Micro link

The strands are fused with tweezers or a hot cylinder with silicone balls to prevent breakage. The main advantage is that personal hair extensions are durable. It's great for active people who need a lot of hair changes. Micro-bonding technology is gentle on the scalp as it is easy to put on and take off. It is suitable for volume and length applications. Another advantage is that when some strands are misaligned, they can be easily reconnected. In addition, the use of individual hair strands through micro links makes the hair more natural.

Cold fusion

In cold fusion, the strands are connected with the help of fusion elements and keratin-based extensions. Nowadays, some hair extension salons prefer cold fusion because it doesn't use glue like its predecessor, hot fusion. There are many variations of this technique, which use ultrasound and air pressure to promote grip. Cold Fusion Keratin Hair Extension is suitable for thick and rough hair. They are also ideal for those who wish to maintain extension by adding a bit of length or thickness. With proper maintenance, the Fusion Extension can last up to four months.

Frame extension method

Instead of using individual strands of hair, we use weft knitting technology to apply the strands of hair in rows of panels. The hair plate can be sewn, tightened with glue or fixed with adhesive tape. Using the stitching technique, the weft is placed at the hairline, where the individual hair extensions are connected. The base is usually woven with needles and threads. This technique is suitable for thick, coarse hair. You can find a variety of colors and styles to suit your budget, at different prices.

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