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Why Not Try A Hairspray To Your Hair Extension

People always say that change a hair style and change a mood. However, we can make it easily by a brush and a can of hairspray. As for wholesale Brazilian curly hair and wholesale Brazilian wavy hair extensions, you can make different hairstyle with hairspray to your hair extension.

1. Say goodbye to the flyaways of your hair extension
Try to spray a light mist of hairspray and comb them down with toothbrush. Then you will find flyaways disappear instantly,no matter Kinky curly, Big curly, Body wave, Loose wave, spring curly.

Hair Extension

2. Keep hair from falling flat as well as frizz-free easily
Hairspray helps your hair extension look full and is the secret to create a shield that protect hair from the elements. Just a light spray, hair spray helps to lock in a style and keep strands laying.

3. Hold your hair style naturally
It is hard to keep your hair extension style except different environment, especially strong winds. On the other hand, you are not willing to make hair quality look too hard and artificial. We recommend you spray a light mist of a soft formula to your hair extension, which can not only keep your hair style but smooth it.

Brazilian hair

4. Easy to use for your convenient
Once you mess up your hair with hair spray, just brush it out since it gives hair a light hold instead of pomades and texturizing creams. Try to use hair spray properly, your hair will look naturally shinny and you definitely become an attractive focus in the crowd

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