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Tips About Healthy Hair

When you meet someone, it is common that you will have first impression according to his appearance, including the dress, hairstyle and so on. However, a healthy hair may leave other a nice impression.

When it comes to a healthy hair, shiny is the obvious sign. How can we keep our hair glossy?There are some tips for your reference.

healthy hair

1. Do not wash your hair too much except Oily hair. As we know that too much sebum results in greasy hair and conversely while too little sebum makes dry hair. Normally, It is recommended to shampoo 2-3 times a week.

2. You need hair conditioner no matter what your hair texture. Ask your professional advice and choose the right hair conditioner. However, oily hairs are not supposed to use too much conditioner because using a conditioner will often make your hair appear even oilier. Pay attention to the way to use conditioner and do not need to apply it to the roots.

3. Using cold water to shampoo is definitely bad for your health which is also harmful to the blood circulation of the scalp. It is also harmful to the growth of hair! In addition to cold water, hot water is not recommended because it damages the hair follicles.

4. Maintain a balanced diet, It is said that the lack of iron, copper and other minerals, can cause premature gray hair, should eat animal liver, egg yolk, black sesame, walnut, soybean; hair loss should be added too much protein and calcium, iron, sulfur and other trace elements, such as black beans, eggs, milk, sesame and other food. Last but not least, having exercise nd keeping a good mood is the secret to make you look better.

Take care of your hair and people around you will admire your healthy hair.

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