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The Hot Hair Styles In 2017

Every year have their hot hair styles, so which are the popular hairstyles in 2017? Here we introduce 3 types of pretty hair styles, which will make you more charming.

Style 1 Straight hair


Long straight hair, especially the silky straight, with natural color. Smooth straight hair is always fashionable. If your hair has a good thickness, your hair will feel quality and luxurious. Sometimes, with small braids at side, you'll look more subtle. Flat iron can do a good job of making you look smooth, but directly using with the high temperature directly on your hair which will damage it. Using the straighter shampoo and the conditioner will be better for you. We suggest you wear the good quality of Brazilian straight hair.

Style 2 Kinky curly or Afro curly


Before you own the kinky curly, you will never know the charming with Afro Curl. With a short length, you can look at it casually with your finger, but it's very fashionable. If you join into a party your kinky curly hair will be very attentive. The premise is that you'd better do it well. If you just comb your fingers instead of dragging them, it's not too difficult. Suggest you choose the Brazilian virgin unprocessed hair types.

Style 3 Loose Wave Style


Loose wave will make you look more sexily and beauty. Natural black hair is a favorite of women who prefer rosy and brown skin. If you have the hair length above 18 inch with a facial makeup, you are the queen. You can use the curler to make deeper wavy, or use your fingers to let it loose up.

These three styles are worth your attempts in 2017, Remember that you must need to choose good quality and thickness hair this is the key point to own such beautiful hairstyles.

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