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The Features of Ombre Lace Front Wigs

Degraded color wig

Meirhair wholesale gradient color wigs are wigs in which two colors gradually blend together beautifully. The layered color is a way to accentuate the hair. However, switching from one color to another is much slower. Layered color wigs are a good way to increase the three-dimensionality of the hair, brighten the face, and attract attention.

Choose a layered wig

Going for natural hair dye can be expensive, and the required bleaching / bleaching products can cause brittle and thinning hair. This is why the ombre wig is a better choice; it will give you instant shine without worrying about damaging your hair!

Subtle or dramatic layered wigs

When choosing the right wig for you, you can choose a very subtle gradient to highlight the base color of the wig, or choose a more dramatic design with obvious transition lines. The two styles can be matched perfectly, so take the time to browse our extensive collection of layered wigs and choose your favorite.


Ombre Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Tone Colors 1B/427


Choose your length

Ombre is suitable for all hair lengths - on longer hair it can provide more size, on bob hairstyles it adds fun. XRS Beauty offers degraded wigs in various lengths from 14 to 32 inches, allowing you to freely choose the perfect length to enhance your appearance.

High quality materials

Our ombré wig is made of 100% high quality human hair, and the lace front cap is made of durable, easy-care and soft Swiss lace. The lace front blends seamlessly with the skin and mimics your real scalp, making the wig look like your real hair. It also means that you can braid the front braid into a braid, or part it and pull it anywhere in the front.

Buy Meirhair Ombre Wigs

Gradients are hard to achieve, and even experienced hairstylists can make mistakes. By choosing meirhair ombre lace front wigs, you can eliminate the risk of having unwanted hairstyles! On the contrary, you can guarantee a satisfying style that is easy to maintain and can be worn for many years.

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