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What's The Difference Between Lace Closure vs Lace Frontal?

When choosing closures and frontals for sew wigs, which is the best to opt for? Lace closure vs lace frontal, What are the differences between them? The answers as below:

◆Lace closures and lace frontals are both made of either Swiss lace or French lace.

◆They both eliminate the need for blending.

◆They both serve the same purpose, which is to close off an install.

◆They both very useful in creating beautiful sew in installations.

Lace closure and lace frontal are top choices today,which one is better? It is of importance for you to learn what difference exists between them.

Don’t worry, we will discuss the differences in this blog post.It’s really not as difficult to understand.

What you will learn from this blog:

About  Lace Closure

About Lace Frontal

What’re The Differences Between Them

Lace Closure vs Lace Frontal,how To Choose


About Lace Closure


First, let's talk about what is lace closure?

Lace closure is different from the facade because it does not cover your head from a temple to a temple. Instead, closures are installed in the "horseshoe" area of the head to close the style, so they are named closures.

Closures are usually 4 "x 4", but can be slightly smaller or larger. There are two types of closures: Silk based closures and lace closures. You can learn more about the difference between lace and silk by reading this article.


A great closure to ensure there is a natural density. The secret to a perfect closure is to make sure that there are bleached knots around the lace and that you dye the lace two colors lighter than the skin on your face.

You can read it to learn how to bleach lace closure!

Hair details:

1. Hair material: 7a 100% virgin hair, top quality and best service

2. Free part closure: 12 inches, lace closure 4 × 4 inches; natural black; body wave; texture can be maintained after washing.

3. Lace closure: hand tied Swiss lace, 130% density, can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, curled or self-made as your own hair.

4. Closure human virgin hair, no shedding at all, tangle free, soft and smooth, glossy, full cuticle, no peculiar smell, full-end and no short hair.

Why Choose Lace Closures?

1. Lace buckle is quite popular for women who care about hair. The closed flexibility and versatility make it suitable for almost all types of hair, whether it's natural, sparse, permed or less irritating hair line.

Meir Hair has the best lace closure to choose: free part, middle part and three part closure.

2. You can dye whatever color you want without having to dye your real hair. You don't have to worry about damaging your real hair

3. For women wearing human hair bundles, it's very important to make the wig look natural. Lace closure usually required that make your own hair and human hair perfectly blend in the hairline area.


About Lace Frontal



First of all, let's talk about what is lace frontal?


Lace frontal is a half wig, the size is 13 inches cross, 4 inches back, from ear to ear, is sewn about 3-4 bundles of hair. .


The frontal can be kept in different style and you can hold the hair back while the closure cannot be held back.


Lace frontal is useful when you want to reconstruct the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. The frontal is also really popular with women who have traction hair loss or thinning margins.

A lace frontal is used when you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. Frontals are also really popular with women who have traction alopecia or thinning edges.


Hair details:

Natural lace frontal, 13 * 4 inches, Swiss lace, medium brown lace;

★ this is the front of 10a high quality 100% real hair lace. Bleach the knot slightly to avoid falling off.

★ lace front can be dyed, curled, straightened and reshaped according to your preference.


Why lace frontal?

First of all, the installation and wearing of ear to ear lace front button are more comfortable. When women wear lace frontal, if they want to try a completely different color or texture from the natural hair color, or want to protect their edges and hair, they usually ignore these colors or textures when the hair is lengthened.

If you want to know how to sew the lace front, please read this blog how to sew the lace front seal?.

Secondly, lace frontal has its unique modeling versatility. Wearing lace frontal allows you to achieve a closed styling option, and the closure doesn’t.  the forehead allows you to wear a pull back hairstyle.

Lace frontal covers the entire hairline, allowing you to achieve seamless style, you can pull back your face.

  Thirdly, 13x4 lace frontal saves less hair bundles than lace closure. It seems that lace front is expensive severally but from the whole, you can buy less hair bundles to match. This way you also save sewing and wear comfortable.

  Finally, the frontal can be used to cover hair loss along the hairline. They have an ear to ear coverage, designed to imitate your own hairline. Besides, lace frontal can also be used to create a more affordable lace wig.

What's The Difference Between Lace Closure vs Lace Frontal?


1. Size: the most obvious difference between lace front and lace closure is size. The closure is usually 4 x 4 inches, while the frontal is 13 x 4 inches. Lace frontal is larger, mainly because they run the temple to the temple to cover the entire hairline.

Lace closures are smaller because their main purpose is to close an installation, so they are called closures. Closures usually cover only the horseshoe section at the top or front of the installation.

2.Material: Closure and Frontal are usually made of lace or silk. Some of the frontals are even made of silk in the middle 4x4 and lace on both sides.

When viewed at close range, the silk bottom cover often mimics the scalp more accurately, while the lace bottom cover and the front are preferred because the combination of this material and the scalp is smoother. This allows lace users not only to achieve natural effects, but also to accurately copy their own scalp.

3.Versatility: the main benefit of choosing a lace forehead is its unparalleled styling versatility. Wearing lace on the forehead allows you to achieve a closed style that you don't have; the frontal allows you to wear pulled back hairstyles.

Keep in mind that closures only cover a small part of the front of the install making it impossible to pull back the sides mark no sign. A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and also allow you to achieve a seamless style which you can pull back off of your face

4. installation: the closure and the frontal can be sewn in a wig or made into a wig, and then can be sewn on the edge, or wear it as a detachable wig with tape, and apply it with hair glue.

In the end, a wig with frontal will provide the wearer with the most stylistic versatility, but closure is still the most appropriate choice for simple everyday Styling (such as the middle part) and / or for those who want to maintain a precise style.


In addition, the other difference between the two is that the lace closure sewn in the right place, while the lace frontal usually means that it is glued in the right place. Although both can be placed in front of or behind the hairline, and the lace frontal is usually placed in front of the hairline, usually because they are glued together.



Lace Frontal vs Lace Closure, How To Choose?

·Actually, it depends on your choice of style, lace frontal may be more attractive than lace closure, and vice versa.

· If you want to pull back your hair, then lace frontal will be your best choice. If you only want to close your installation with a natural scalp, then lace closure will be your best solution.

· For some people, a lace closure with virgin hair bundles may be a good choice. You can use lace closure for any type of hair with less hair, perm or natural hair.

· On, you can find them on the following two websites: Various textures include  Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian lace closures for your choice.

· There are also various types: free, middle and three-part lace closures to create a perfect and natural hairline for you.

· Either way, they will enhance your installation by providing a natural look that we all love!

If you are interested, you can find them in the Meir Hair store. Whether you need a free part, a middle part or a three-part human hair lace closures, you can always find the perfect hairstyle for the natural hairline. You can choose different hairstyles according to your needs. Just what you are looking for. 


And lastly, we like to introduce you a new trend, 'headband wigs', do click the link and check the article about it.

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