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It is believe that some people have naturally frizzy hair, and I am one of them. I admire others who have smooth straight hair and hope I can have long straight hair one day. My friend asked me to straighten hair by using liquid medicine. I hesitate to do but finally accept their advice.

straight hair

Thanks to my hair stylist, I own a long straight glossy hair after leaving salon. In sprit of having a beautiful hair, I understand some useful tips about how to care my hair and keep its shape.
With our high speed pace life, sometimes it’s hard to have enough time to deal with our own hair in the morning. However, daily maintenance is essential to hair especially for some special cases like me.

Just like taking care of a baby, you need a lot of patience to maintain your hair, so I am.  As for how can I keep my hair straight, I would like to share with you the following information when I have a shampoo.

beautiful hair

1. Before shampooing, comb your hair first, removing dirt and releasing tangles. It is a good habit to comb your hair one hundred times a day.
2. Hair conditioner should only be applied to the ends of the hair and the hair stem. If you put too much hair on the roots, the hair will soon become greasy.
6. Hot water causes the phosphor surface of the hair to expand and appear matted and dull in color. Therefore, cold water can be used to lock the scaly surface so that the hair is full of luster.
7. Do not apply towels to dry hair. It is best to use your fingers slowly squeeze excess water, then gently dry with a towel. This will have the effect of moisturizing, and will not damage the elasticity of hair.
8. When the hair is still wet, use a wide toothed comb to divide the hair into parts, and gently comb it from the end until the knot is completely removed. In this case, the scaly surface of the hair expands and is easily damaged.

Now I am be proud of my straight hair and believe that beauty always has cost, as for me that is time and patience. However, I learn a lot from the process and really enjoy it. Lastly, I just want to add, the same mothod is effective for wholesale Brazilian straight hair.

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