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Recently, we have received many short questions sent by our clients; we collected them and have a blog post answering what you concerned about.

1. What is the difference between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair?
Brazilian hair has better texture and versatility than Peruvian hair especially in straight virgin hair, which popular among west-african countries. Peruvian hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Brazilian hair.

brazilian hair body wave

2. how to maintain brazilian hair?
Once we have installed hair extension, it is important for us to keep clean and stay detangles. Keep in mind that heat products damage hair including exposing under the sun. find good hair products such as conditioners and shampoo suitable for your hair type. Keep in mind that treat your hair extension like your hair.

3.  how long should brazilian hair last
Inspire of hair texture, it largely depends on how you take care of your hair extension. Most of the time, we would like to choose virgin human extension rather than synthetic hair. You may not find out the difference between human and synthetic hair at the first time you see or wear. As the time goes by, tangles and hair colors help you figure out the winner. Generally speaking, a Brazilian hair can last for about a year.

brazilian hair straight

4. what is 6a,7 a, 8a,9a,10a brazilian hair
We hair manufacture have own standard for hair products. Currently, 7a and 8a grade hair are best-selling products in market for their competitive prince and high quality. However, 10a grade hair is healthy shinny hair products suits for people want to have long wave hair extension. We believe that the higher grade class hair, the fewer tangles it causes.

5. where to buy Brazilian hairThere are many ways you can buy hair extension such as hair market or online. Honestly, purchasing hair products at store is better than shopping online if you have time. You can touch the hair texture and know more about hair. After all, hair extension is going to be one part of your hair. Nevertheless, people busy with work can only shop online can shop with confidence, finding reliable vendors as well as asking friend using hair extension for advice.

Hope our blog post helps you to solve part of hair Confusion. 

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