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Some Questions About Hand Tied Hair Extension

In lifetime, the average woman will change her hairstyle about 150 times. Most of these styling changes will involve cutting the hair to new lengths and shapes, weaving or dyeing the hair for an interesting new look. However, when women are looking for longer length and volume in a short period of time, hair extensions provide a quick and beautiful solution.

Nowadays, all incoming and outgoing items that can be purchased in stores are gathered at high speed by machines. However, customers looking for a difference can still purchase the wrist strap extension. Tying hair extensions by hand is a more traditional and personalized method of extension. Although a bit old-fashioned, these extensions are still a great lengthening option.

What is a hand tied hair extension?

Hand ties refer to the way the hair is braided and the way it is tied to the head. The weft itself is sewn by hand, then the stylist uses fine threads to weave the weft into the client's hair. The connection process requires skilled craftsmen and an hour or more of patience. Since this technique involves very fine threads and small bundles of hair, the extender fits the head better than other methods.

What are the advantages of attaching hands to the machine and attaching the extension?

While each hair extension method has its pros and cons, hand-knotting may be one of the best options for customers looking for damage-free hair extensions. People with thin hair can benefit from hand-tied hair extensions because the thin wefts of the hair look more natural. Many people consider hand-woven weft threads to be a work of art because they are carefully crafted and usually personalized. Hand-tie extensions also have a light, natural feel, some people prefer hand-tie extensions over glue or tape extensions because they do not require heat treatment.

Do they need special care?

Like all hair extensions, hand tied hair extensions should be washed and styled very carefully to protect their appearance. Manually tying the weft thread also presents a unique complexity in the connection process. For example, hand-knotted wefts cannot be cut like other weft extensions because the whole weft will spread out quickly. Finally, compared to bead extensions, wrist strap extensions may take longer to connect and tighten.


For people who are looking for light and natural lengthening options, wrist strap extensions are a good choice. Although they may take longer, these traditional, high-quality extensions give customers a unique and ingenious choice. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact MeirHair now!

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