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Hello, we have received some hair related questions recently, and we have collected these questions and answered them.
Is virgin hair the same as human hair?

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This is a question many people ask .Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed,Including: no staining, staining, dyeing, bleaching and chemical treatment. Virgin hair has to come from real hair, so Brazilian virgin hair is synonymous with human hair. Virgin hair requires proper care and maintenance to be used for a long time. You have to care for the virgin hair just like your own hair. You need to use appropriate shampoo or conditions to washing the hair, or if will reduce the quality of the hair, coupled with the use of the heat will affect hair smooth and natural feeling. But if you can properly maintain the virgin hair, It can be used for a long time

How is Brazilian human hair made?
To beginning,the hair must be treated with acid:
According to our ordinary thinking, wigs are not clean, and the acid can remove the bacteria. After the acid, hair is easy to be discounted, which can also harm the human skin! So after the first step ,We're going to neutralize the ammonia. The action of ammonia is to neutralize the acid in the last link. After cleaning the hair, soak it in a special care solution of the wig for 15 minutes, handle a nice silky feel and remove the water. The main function is to clean the hair and handle the hair feel.

The difference between Indian hair and Brazilian virgin hair?
Brazilian Hair is more popular in South America ,compared with other hair, the Brazilian hair more smooth and glossy, was known for its beautiful color and texture, can find curly, wavy or straight texture.
Indian hair is the most versatile and easily available product on the market. The hair density is very good .It is naturally ventilated and has a lot of light and can easily curl and style. Indian hair moves easily with the smallest product. It also blends well with most hair textures. The texture of the hair can be seen from soft to slightly rough

How to fix Brazilian human hair
Treat them like natural hair. Since your extension is sewn, you can wash them in the shower with natural hair.
Use a non-sulphate shampoo.
Use a conditioner

Don't know if these answers have solved your question? If you have any questions, you can also ask us questions on our website, and we will collect them and answer them for you.

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