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Solutions of Hair Extensions For Aging Hair

Hair, like other parts of the human body, changes with age. The results are generally unsatisfactory because certain characteristics, such as thinning hair, balding hairline, and graying of hair, are associated with many negative effects of aging. However, there are ways to deal with these changes head-on. Hair extensions, especially undamaged hair extensions, can provide volume, length, and color without damaging natural hair. Here are the three ways hair changes with age and how hair extensions can help cope with each change:

Thinning hair

One of the signs of aging is hair loss. Hair loss can take many different forms. In men, hair loss is usually characterized by the receding of the hairline above the forehead and the gradual thinning of the crown of the head. In women, the hairline generally remains stable, but the hair gradually becomes thinner and extends outward along a line on the top of the head.

There are two theories about what causes hair loss. Both are linked to hormones :

Testosterone is linked to hair growth. In both men and women, some of the testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). DHT is the cause of the development of male characteristics in the male body. DHT is also responsible for slowing down the process of hair growth. Specifically, DHT alters the stage of hair growth, so that the hair growth time is shortened, and the time when the hair falls out easily appears earlier. In both men and women, testosterone levels decline with age, but DHT levels generally remain the same. This change in the ratio of testosterone to DHT is believed to be responsible for many cases of hair loss.


The thyroid gland produces the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Although the mechanism is not fully understood, hypothyroidism is a disease of the under-secretion of the thyroid gland, which can lead to hair loss. As we age, our thyroid will naturally slow down. Even if this slowing down does not reach the level of hypothyroidism, the decrease in thyroid hormones may also be linked to age-related hair loss.


Hair salon hair extensions, especially non-destructive hair extensions, can help hair appear fuller by increasing the volume of natural hair and covering areas of hair loss.

grey hair

Gray hair is another sign of aging. Gray hair is not really gray. It is colorless. As we age, the rate of melanin production by pigment cells in hair follicles will slow down. Melanin gives hair color. This means that the hair follicles do not produce colored hair, but colorless gray or white hair.


There is no explanation as to why pigment cells lose the ability to produce melanin as they age. However, once you turn 35, your hair is more likely to turn gray. However, the average lifespan of a hair is around three to five years, so even if your hair is starting to turn gray, it will take some time for the hair on your head to turn white.


Hair extension salons can dye hair extensions any color as long as they are made from natural hair. This allows you to purchase hair extensions that are close to the final color you want, and the hair extension salon can dye them to match the color you want. This way you can dye natural hair to remove graying and use hair extensions that match your hair color to increase volume and cover small spots.

Weak hair

In addition to little or no pigment, the protein content of new hair begins to decrease with age. This produces fine, thin and brittle hair. This type of hair breaks easily, especially when styling. Since women have to change their hairstyle 150 times in their life, this is a major change.


Non-destructive hair extensions can increase volume, cover sparse spots, and darken gray or fair hair, solving all the characteristics of aging hair. With age, hair loss increases and hair follicles slow down protein production. This means that the hair tends to get thinner, lose its pigment, and get thinner and thinner. Non-destructive hair extensions can solve all of these problems without pulling or breaking the hair.

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