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Seize The Hair Trend

In this era, the era of the pursuit of individuality, people are willing to spend more time in designing their hair style as well as pursuing diversification. Hair color can be changed by various ways that is what we talk from last blog. Now let talk about the  fashion wholesale Brazilian hair color trend of 2017.

I wonder you have noticed famous star hair color on communities like Pinterest and Instagram. But fashion always changes and new hair color trends are on the horizon. You will be able to pick up on future trends if you reading the following content.

Ombre is best for dark hair,it is a bit like a color block but a good transition between colors, which make your whole color look natural. moving tints and shades from light to dark. If you want to look simple with elegance,why not try ombres,a style  beautifully blended with no stagged shades.

ombre hair

Golden hair, with a natural hue to choose a soft color. To increase the health of the gloss, try a color to restore gloss to refresh the faded ends and enhance the warmth. Have a ponytail always make you look youthful. On the other hand, it is gorgeous and stunning color that catch other’s eyes.

blond hair

We cannot deny the fact that grey has been main trend this year.the color grey is no longer for the old, it helps people become charming no matter who you are,young girl or handsome man. It belongs to cool color tone and has gained its super popularity.

grey hair

Keep up with 2017's trend tones and find the beauty of yourself. Ask your colorist which color is suitable for you and action now.

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