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Sew In Human Hair Extensions


During all the methods of human hair installment available today, the sew-in weave has quickly evolved into the most versatile and efficient. A large number of people have successfully enhanced their looks with the help of this installation method. Sew-in involves the addition of hair extensions at the hair tracks or wefts with the use of a needle and thread.

If you want to try out a sew-in weave anytime soon there are a few things you have to consider beforehand.

side part sew in braid pattern.jpg

Sew-in Weave Styles

Hair extensions allow women to add color, length, and style to their hairdos. Some can get themselves short cuts with the limitless variety offered by weaves. As mentioned earlier, sew-in weave extensions are the most popular methods for weaving because they provide much better protection for your real hair. This is because rather than gluing or fusing the weave to the actual hair, they are sewn in.

Sew-in weaves can be carried out in various styles and methods. Here are a few interesting sew-in weave styles:

Fill It In

This is known as a partial sew-in because it exposes the nape and middle of the head while the crown is covered with hair. It is ideal for women with the need to increase the hair thickness of the crown area.

The Pixie Cut

This sew-in style ensures no hair is left out. With this style, the hair is made into a pixie cut with the addition of bangs.

Shoulder Length

This method will give you a more natural look because it is a partial sew-in that involves the cutting of the hair into average length. Your actual hair will be located in the parted section of your head.

Asymmetrical bob sew in

For those who love the natural look, this style would most definitely be of interest. It is a bob of average length and usually involves an asymmetrical haircut along with a diagonally cut bang that serves to produce a side-swept look.

Short and Purple

This is another ombre look. In this case, however, it is splashed with purple and pink hues. To get versatile and more natural-looking hair, the hair should be cut to a medium length.

Purple Rapunzel

With a variety of purple shades, this will give you the look of an ombre. Either full or partial sew-in can be used in this case, so long as the color of the hair and that of the weave match.


To get a near-perfect contrast and good hair dimension, you should bleach the crown area of your weave bright blond. A good way to do this is to place the weave firmly on perm rods or flex rods, then soak them in boiled water. Remove the weave after a while and let them dry off a few minutes before sewing them in.

Different Kinds of Sew-ins

The great thing about sew-in weaves is great to deal with the flexibility and variety it offers. There are various types of sew-in currently being used by women all over the world.

One of them is the full sew-in, where every strand of hair is braided. The main purpose of this sew-in type is to facilitate hair protection and aid uniformity in growth. The full sew-in is best for those with natural hair as it takes away the need for regular straightening of the hair in an attempt to have it blend with the weave.

Another very popular sew-in type is the partial sew-in. As the name suggests, in the partial sew-in type a section of the head is left uncovered. This uncovered section is mostly half of the head and is located on top of the head. For those with long hair looking to achieve a natural look, the partial sew-in is the best thing for you.

The third and latest of sew-in types is referred to as the vixen sew-in. It can give your hair the most natural of looks when done properly. The number of styles that could be possibly done with the vixen sew-in is countless. Your hair can be separated into four different sections. You could leave some hair along the edges of your neck, two parts placed at the midsection, and two more across. Your hair can be pulled into various styles sucks as a bun, ponytail, half-up, and half down.

Types of Hair

Virgin Hair

This is hair that has never undergone any form of processing. It is one of the most popular hair available in the market and can be used several times, even after dying. The virgin hair usually comes inone donor, can last over 3-6 years.

Remy Hair

This type of hair is quite the opposite of the virgin hair because it has undergone some form of processing or the other. This is chemically done to enhance color and texture.

Brazilian Hair

Considered to be of the topmost quality and hair texture, Brazilian hair can make hair look fuller due to its thickness. Brazilian hair is extremely useful because its density ensures just a small bundle is required. It also has a lower tendency to frizz than other hair types.

All these hair types come in different sizes and textures such as straight, wavy or curly. Any movement of these hair appears natural and occurs with very little tangle or shed.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is considered the thickest of all hair types. It usually has little or no problem blending with most hair textures, although there is a tendency for it to swell in humid conditions. Despite the good level of curl on the Indian hair, it may fail during the day.

Malaysian Hair

Soft to the touch and shiny to behold, the major drawback with Malaysian hair is the fact that the color fades slightly after about two to three washes. However, it possesses the ability to hold a curl well even without applying any chemical product..

Sew in weave hair

side part sew in braid pattern

For a long time, side part sew in braid pattern have been helping women stay glamorous while protecting their natural hair. The side part sew-in styles have no doubt been on the forefront of this mission. They work very well for several face shapes and are considered very unique—with a hint of glamour attached to them.

Middle part sew in styles

The middle part sew in styles for a long time now has developed into slimming, modern, and clean form of hairstyling. Apart from the fact that it offers a great level of symmetry, it comes with the perfect touch to give your hair a more realistic, natural, and long-lasting texture.

Free Part Sew-in

Many women across the world would choose the free part sew-in over others. This is not just because of its quality hair for the price but also because of its ability to be parted anywhere on your hair. Don’t worry about having to stay very flexible with hair care, because the free part sew-in can last for a long time and still deliver that unique touch to a woman’s looks.

Sew-in Weave Hairstyles

Sew-in Weave Hairstylesare known to add glamour to a woman’s appearance. They could help you effortlessly add color, size, length, and shape to your hair. They work for a lot of face shapes too and this makes them the first point of call for any female looking to switch up her style!

Vixen Sew-in

The vixen sew-in can easily be differentiated from other types of sew-in. This is not just because of the beautiful texture it delivers but also because of the stunning colorful appearance it gives to a woman. Also, it comes with several braiding techniques and braiding patterns, which keeps a large number of women adoring them.

Benefits of Sew-in Weaves

Low maintenance

No matter who you are, there will always be mornings where you will have no time at all. In those moments, you may need to style your hair in a hurry. The sew-in weave gives you the ability to style your hair in a hurry. For pre-styled synthetic hair, all you would ever need to do is a little fluffing. Human hair, although not pre-styled, can also be easily taken care of and are more versatile than synthetic hair. Weaves are time savers because you only need to spend short periods on hairstyling.


For sew-in weaves, the hair is close to the scalp is braided while those at the wefts are added as extensions. Wear and tear caused by daily natural elements could lead to splits at the ends and dryness. This protection is brought about by the extension of hair.

Low Commitment

Hair weaves are ideal for those who prefer low commitment to matters of the hair. If you happen to be unsatisfied with the appearance of your weave style, you can request a modification from your stylist or take it off. Women who love to constantly change or replace their hairstyles and color will find sew-in weaves very helpful. The lack of damages and the fact that the cost of upkeep is low has made sew-in weaves the first choice for many women.


Perhaps the most interesting and fun part about sew-in weaves is the ease at which color can be changed and combined. The fact that there is no risk of damage to your real hair can serve as a reassurance to those who shy away from chemicals. A good example is platinum blond which is known to discolor black hair. With the use of sew-in weaves, you can enjoy having this color on your head without fear of damaging your real hair. Women with natural hair in need of a straight look don’t need to apply heat or use a relaxer.

Benefits of Sew-in Weaves.jpg


Tips on Getting the Best Out of Sew-in Weaves

The key to hair styling is tied to getting the perfect balance between quality and cost. In other words, you need to find a way to look your best while making sure to spend within your affordable budget. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your sew-in weave.

Cut the hair according to your facial shape.

It is never a good idea to just sew in two sets of weave into your hair with no technique whatsoever. This could produce undesirable effects that could leave you with more than a bit of regret. The correct process is to have your weave fitting your facial features to give you a more realistic look.

A reliable method is to layer the hair and shear the different parts at angles with the use of a razor. A razor comb can also be of use to you, especially if you are not too familiar with the cutting of hair. The main point is to ensure your sew-in weave reflects the shape of your face.

Be aware of the lifespan of your hair

Most budget weaves do not last for more than a month. No matter the amount of money spent on a weave, you should have an idea of how long it would take before your hair needs changing. If you feel the need to extend the longevity of your weave you should give it extra care and attention. The more effort you put into maintaining a weave, the longer it lasts.

Cut down on product

When it comes to hair products and weaves, the general advice is to keep the combination as minimal as possible. The more products you apply to your hair, the worse things become for your weave. Many weaves have been killed by the build-up of product. However, there are a few things you should do to get the best out of your sew-in weave and this includes proper hair conditioning and oiling.

When it comes to oiling, you should remember to only oil the scalp area and not the hair. Please note that for synthetic weaves, you should avoid the use of hair products completely.

Avoid those flat tops

One of the biggest hair problems usually occurs due to the top of the weave being too flat, hence causing the inner parts of the hair to become visible. All-in-all packs also tend to be too thin. The amount of hair you have and the size and shape of your body has an important role to play when determining how you style your hair.

Short and sweet remains the best

This tip depends solely on what you aim to achieve with your weave. For those in search of a natural look, they should avoid weaves of very long lengths. Shoulder length hair is ideal for synthetic weaves because it tends to come across as realistic and sweet. If you have made plans to have a long length of hair trailing behind you, then now is the time to reconsider and make a final decision.

Always decide whether to blend or sew

Even while on a budget, you should be careful with cutting corners as the effects could turn out to be disastrous. In an attempt to save cost, people have been known to blend their hair with synthetic hair. The results of this venture have been nothing to write home about. It would be a shame for something similar to happen to you. A full weave is the most advisable way to go.




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