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Say Goodbye To Color Fade

After coloring your hair extension, you feel satisfied with your hair and really enjoy showing it to others. However, as time goes by, the color begins to fade and you have to do something to stop it from fading. From another angle, maybe we can have practical ways of prolonging the intensity a depth of your hair extensions color.

1. Don't shampoo every day
As we know, Shampoo will wash away the grease and accelerate hair drying. If you wash head every day, you will lose the original moisture protective film. Try to wash your head 2-3 times a day. If your hair becomes greasy, tie your hair into a ponytail or spray drying. The best way to protect hair color is to use conditioner about two times a week. It makes your hair healthy and keeps hair color lasting.

wash your hair

2. Shampoo water temperature cannot be too high
If the wash water temperature is too high will lead to the loss of Hair Coloring quickly pigment, but also dry and frizz. Therefore, when you wash your hair, you had better control the temperature not to exceed 40 degrees. Warm water is proper which can not only protect the scalp, but also maintain the hair color gloss.

3. Don't use the hair dryer regularly
After dyeing, it is best to reduce the use of hair dryer because the hair dryer hot air will cause certain damage to hair color, like hair will become yellow and dry hair. If you want to make hair color more durable. If you must blow it, the best in the hair before the hair painted a number of disposable hair care cream, in order to maintain the stability of pigment in the hair to keep hair color.

blow your hair with dryer

4. Avoid UV exposure
Just like your skin, the color of your hair changes with the sun, so we should avoid ultraviolet light. In addition to wearing hats, hair products that contain SPF as a skin to reduce discoloration is recommended. When you go out, you should give some hair spray with sunscreen value of hair care products, the index does not need to be too high and SPF12 or so will be enough.

protect your hair with a cap

Hope my share will be useful for you guys. If we have enough patience and care for our hair, it can be shiny and healthy as we want.


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