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Learn To Keep Keratin Extension Well

What is keratin extension ?

Similar to other types of celebrity hair extensions, keratin hair extensions have a small strand of unprocessed human hair (also called virgin). Unlike clip-on or ribbon extensions, they use heated keratin to bind to the wearer's hair. This creates a more natural look and a more durable installation, making it a traditional favorite for hairdressers and clients alike.

What are the benefits of getting keratin binding extension?

As mentioned above, these extensions provide a more natural look than many other types of extensions. They are also easy to install and, like other types of high quality hair extensions, can instantly increase hair volume and / or length. Another obvious advantage of the keratin bond is its duration. With proper installation and maintenance, these extensions can last up to six months. This means customers have to reduce maintenance appointments, saving time and money. Because they are made of human hair and provide a more natural look, the wearer can actually dye their hair extensions and heat fix them, and can tie their hair back without revealing the secret of the luxurious lock.

How to take care of keratin expansion?

If the lengthening of keratin bonds can last a long time, that does not mean that they are indestructible. These are non-destructive hair extensions, but you need to take good care of them to protect them and your natural hair. You should avoid oil-based products and avoid products containing sulfates to avoid damaging the bond itself. If necessary, use only a mild shampoo and a mild conditioner. You should also limit the number of stylings and wash your hair every other day to minimize water or heat damage. After putting on the wig, you need to wait two days before washing your hair. Cold water is your friend and rough tools are your enemy; only use brushes recommended by your stylist to protect the bond. When you sleep, you should braid your hair in braids or ponytails to avoid tangles. You should not swim in your hair extensions, and dry your hair immediately after showering to avoid damaging the keratin bonds.


Remember, the extension is not a low maintenance style. If you choose to get them, make sure you are prepared to accept the promise. Those who prefer to let their hair air dry or are looking for ways to reduce their styling needs may need to consider other options. However, if you want to increase volume and length immediately in a natural way, this can be a good choice. To learn more about our extended products, contact Meirhair now! We are happy to help you increase your confidence in this New Year.

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