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Knowledges of Keration Extension

Actually, The human hair grows at 0.5 inch per month. This means that in one year the average hair length has increased by 6 inches. If the wait time is too long, keratin extension may be what you need. Hair extensions (especially keratin hair extensions) are a great choice for changing up your hairstyle. Women usually prepare for marriage, but as you will soon see, letting keratin expand to improve your appearance can be fun and exciting, as you will soon see. Here is everything you need to know about keratin extension.

What is keratin extension ?

Keratin-related personal hair extensions are small, unprocessed (or virgin) human hair. Instead of fixing with tape or glue, there are little beads of keratin glue at the end of each wire. Keratin is a component of your hair, so it seems like a natural choice for many people. Keratin extensions look like a strand of your own hair, except the keratin glue is dried on one end. The beauty of keratin hair extensions is that they can be dyed, curled, straightened, and heat set - basically anything you can do with real hair. Use heat or ultrasound to fuse the keratin bonds with your own hair and apply the hair extensions one by one. Place the hair extensions in rows so that they are always neatly covered by another part of the hair, even if you have a ponytail.

How to apply keratin extension ?

Usually, before applying the hair extensions, you will enter the hair extension salon to consult a stylist. At that time, they will match your hair color and order new hair in your color. However, some hair extension salons have a lot of colors ready for you to use right away. Once the stylist matches your color and has appropriate hair extensions, they will divide your hair into rows, pick up a small portion of the hair, and place individual hair extensions about a half inch from the hairline. It feels like the climax is over. Then the stylist will use special tools to merge the new hair with your natural hair. This process takes one to two hours. After that, the stylist will finish the blow-dry and dry cut to make sure the expansion layers are stacked and smoothed to perfection.

How does it feel to extend your life with keratin ?

Some people with extensive keratin will feel a little "strange" because of the keratin binding in the hair. There are some obvious physical adhesive beads that hold your new hair to your natural hair, and although no one will see it, it will feel a little uncomfortable at first. However, when you get used to this feeling, that feeling will soon go away, especially when you start to fall in love with your new look. Be careful when washing and combing your hair. It is important to use a brush specially designed for hair extensions so that you do not accidentally pull out all the new hair. It should be noted that the maintenance cost of the expansion is not low. You need to comb it often with your special brush to keep it from looking rough.

Where to Get Quality Extensions ?

Choosing a good quaity supplier of human hair is important.Where you get your hair extensions is just as important as how to take care of them afterward. Wearing a good quality hair extension is of great importance in our daily life. It’s far better to go for a tried and true brand at a trusted vendor like us Meirhair than to take your chances with a low-end establishment.

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