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Keratin Hair Extensions Bring Your Charming Style

Keratin hair extensions are single strand hair extensions that are glued to the hair with adhesives or microbeads. “They're usually made from real human hair and are usually dyed. They've basically been around for hundreds of millions of years. why Keratin hair extensions are the top choice of celebrity hairstylists, and there's a reason.


Keratin hair extensions are the cheapest of all hair, and they have a low maintenance cost, if done correctly, they look very natural and are great for people who want longer, thicker hair. Literally raise your hair from the dead. Whether the client is pulling the hair through the ring or just can't get the type of hairstyle they want, keratin hair extensions work like magic.

Does Keratin Hair Extensions suit for Everyone ?

Anybody. Since keratin hair extensions can be ultra-personalized and personalized to match your specific and unique texture, they are suitable for all hair types. You can create something that person could never have had before, or you can restore their hair to where it was before it got damaged. As a favorite of many women today, keratin hair extension is also one of the oldest and most traditional methods of installing hair extensions. Customers and stylists love this method and never tire of complimenting its ease of installation, natural results, and of course, its durability. When women go to install the keratin fusion, they can rest assured that their results will be amazing. Keratin fusion extension is also affectionately referred to as the "glue" method, or more commonly "fusion". However, it does not use glue, although it is just as good at gripping the hair shaft.


When installing the keratin fusion in the client's hair, the stylist will use a pack of approximately 20 hairs. Connected to the root of these strands is a flat square tip that connects all of the hair on the strands. Depending on the size of the client's head, a full installation of the Keratin Fusion Extension may require 5-9 bundles of hair. Therefore, 100-180 strands are the standard for high quality installations and should be fine for most heads.


The flat square shape at the root of the hair extension is where the magic happens as it is the keratin bond used to fuse the keratin hair extension to the client's natural hair. This is done by melting this initially solid block. For this purpose, the stylist removes part of the client's hair, the size of which is similar to the width of the hair extension. Using a hot tool, the stylist melts the square tip and then quickly places it on the client's wick. Then the stylist manually shapes and molds the molten adhesive around the client's hair shaft. When it cools, the bond is firm and durable, and the client moves on to another part of the hair.


The correct way to install the keratin extension is row by row, and the stylist repeats the process, starting at the nape of the neck and working up to the top of the head and the sides of the head. The top layer of the hair remains unchanged, as it is important that it falls on the bottom layer to hide the keratin bonds.

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