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People always want to change their single hair style. Now, we would like to share some process with you about how to style your wholesale Brazilian hair. There are also many useful tips and tricks.
First, we need to have a flat iron and a bunch of small but useful flexi rods.

Start with a little bit of your natural hair and pin them up. Clip the rest hair and make sure they are not in the way so that we can focus on hair we curl. figure out the hair extension and just take little sections to curl with a flat iron due to work well in the next step.

hair flexi roll

We had better adjust high temperature of flat iron and will see that is probably wise smoking. Don’t worry about it as it is the normal phenomenon. In order not to damage our natural hair, I am going to turn it down once I heat my real hair. Only when you have it high just so that you can get them nice bouncy curl. Once you get that nice look, you find your hair is really amazing elastic and has a full version. However, make sure it is literally all Brazilian virgin hair which has no synthetic mixed into it. 

After using flat iron, I definitely love to take a flexi roll to curl with the hair. Just hold it and wrap it around like a ball.

Let’s do some more again. Before using flat iron you can comb your hair in case of tangling. Wrap your hair with flat iron slowly and flick it again and again. After you have rolled you hair up with flexi rolls, wait for about 20 minutes and unroll it off. You will get surprising curl with full volume and nice beach wave. Otherwise, if you want a super curl you can grasp your hair in sections with flexi roll and sleep with it overnight and your curls will be tired.

style your hair

Okay, all of the flexi rods are out and we want to focus on the natural hair eve

r hang no. There is no doubt that the hair is actually curled with a nice wave curl hair. As for the natural hair overhead, we are going to grasp a little tiny piece of butter shine to them in order to stop hay hair from frizzing. Finally, comb your hair for an overall look. You can take flat iron to curl your hair again so that your hair extension will blend well with your natural hair, just for the front part which will give you a nice messy look. Shaking your hair at the root for a bouncy look.

Well, we take down to the whole progress and find it just take your about 30 minutes to finish your Brazilian beach wave hair look, why not have a try?

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