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Straight hair is popular among working ladies and students in high school because it saves your time to maintain and look well from the distance. The common way to straighten your Brazilian hair body wave extension is to have a perm.

straight silky hair

Hereby, I would like to show you that how easily to run straight your Brazilian body wave hair. Firstly, use hair spray to moist the hair. finished on your sewing in a sock heat. Respond straighten out your hair edges and lay them down when we get finished with the edge rule work.

Then, comb to separate a hank of hair and turn on the flat ironing temperature to regular one. There is a tip that you may take the comb in your left hand and hold the flat ironing in your right hand, putting the comb behind the fire and just pull it that. So in that case it will bone straight your fist try, ensuring the hair is definitely straight after ironing you don’t have to go back over.  
However, As for the other unfinished hair, just place it right here and side it down. It takes your time going on the shaft of the hair. Be patient and careful all the time while different has different texture of hair. When you finish a small section or a round hair, just go back the round to check whether they are absolutely bone straight. Spray sharper again for the rest body wave hair. It protects your hair from too dry even damage causing by the heat.

brazilian straight hair

If you find out the current flat ironing is too hot to use continually, ready for another. Keep long away down to the bottom in the whole process. Repeat the movement and keep clam your hand.
At last, your hair is falling straight. Comb your hair and wiper Hair oil to the root of your hair. Changing your style into Brazilian hair straight makes you different as it is shinny and healthy virgin hair

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